ICE Agents Shot in Mexico – AZ Proposes New Law

Two United States Immigration Service Agents were shot in Mexico Tuesday.  The agents were apparently based in Mexico City where about two dozen other agents are based.  (Why are our ICE Agents stationed in a foreign country?) The two agents who were shot were driving from Mexico City to Monterey when they were attacked by unknown assailants.  One of the agents is dead and the other is said to be stable. 

The area where the incident occurred is apparently a war zone wherein the drug cartels and Mexican police have been doing battle for some time.  Twenty Mexican police have been killed in this area this year and last year over seventy killed.

The area is reportedly part of a disputed drug corridor that runs from Monterey, Mexico to Laredo, Texas, USA.  The fighting between the cartels over the disputed area is a result of the fact that the corridor represents a drug superhighway.  The war over the corridor has evidently intensified to the point that entire police departments in Mexico have resigned.

I guess Janet Napolitano is not referring to this area when she says the border between Mexico and the United States is effectively sealed.  What a lot of people do not realize is that these corridors are not just used to smuggle drugs north, but also American wealth south.  And they also represent an essential element for the slave trade which is going both ways.

In a related issue Arizona has proposed a law that would require physicians to check the immigration status of all patients coming to the hospital for aid that is not deemed to be of an emergency status.  (There has to be a law?) Opponents proclaim that the bill would create a medical disaster as illegal immigrants might not come to the hospital if they are afraid of being found out. 

I don’t see why they would have any worries as they would just be released after being captured anyway, like the rapists and murderers were just recently.  If we do not secure our borders soon I fear we are going to have immigration officers shot in Kansas by Mexican drug cartels fighting over the corridor between Kansas and Nebraska.  Don’t laugh because this isn’t funny.

God help us secure our country.

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