Idaho: Example of the Lawlessness In America

Abel Danger

Michael Emry: A Notch in the Gavel of a New Judge

Part 1

On the morning of May 6, 2016 the FBI executed a search warrant on the property of Michael Emry, owner of The Voice of Idaho News and The Voice of Grant County Oregon News. Michael was the embedded reporter for the Idaho III% during the occupation of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge. After that ended with the murder of LaVoy Finicum, Michael moved over to Grant County to establish a media operation to support a citizen’s Committee of Correspondence. Committees of Correspondence were the American colonists trusted lines of communications in the years before the Revolutionary War.

The Gallows

Michael is a foreign weapons specialist. He knows how to rebuild and re-manufacture weapons discarded by the military after they have been used in combat. He loves guns and he loves to talk about guns. He also has a natural talent for organizing people. That’s a skill he honed during his military service to our country. As a middle-aged man with personal knowledge of the horrors of war, he uses his knowledge of weapons for street “creds” and in a kind of benign bait and switch way. The message he was trying to convey was “yes… there are guns – I know all about them, but we have something even more powerful – we can be our own media”. And everybody who knows Michael knows that’s the truth.

When the Bundy Ranch situation in Nevada happened in 2014, it was a watershed event. The alternate media explained the issues – not the mainstream media. The mainstream media painted the Bundys and all of the people there as outlaws but when the intricacies of the abuse of regulatory authority were explained by the alternate media, the entire picture of the Bundy Ranch Stand Off changed. The mainstream media was completely discredited. The Bundys were the victims. The federal jackboots were the aggressors and they were being used to defend the criminality of the administrative-bureaucratic state and politicians like Harry Reid.

As an observer to the Stand Off and as a man who had seen combat in third world countries, Michael didn’t want to see it here. He knew that ultimately, the only solution for government corruption is to inform public opinion – to become the media. As a result of the Bundy Ranch Stand Off, he established an alternate media operation in Boise, Idaho called The Voice of Idaho News (TVOINEWS.COM).

Years before the Stand Off, I saw that our country had taken a wrong direction and I couldn’t in good conscience stand by and do nothing. My chosen path was to become an information resource for the young people who I knew would inevitably rise up against the tyranny and injustice that was coming at them. I was a Lone Ranger when I started a website and started researching and writing so I maintained a low profile. In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act ~ Eric Blair aka George Orwell. Even when working with other people over the years I preferred to stay more underground than above ground. That changed when I met Michael.

Michael’s wife, Becky Hudson is a social media expert. When they started TVOI, she went on a mission to find writers. I wasn’t on Facebook but someone who knew me and knew that I was in Idaho told her about me. Becky emailed me to tell me what they were doing and to get my phone number. I gave it to her and Michael called me. I talked to him for a long time on the phone before I said I would write for them. Over the next year or so, I continued to probe Michael – looking for hidden motivations and ulterior motives because I’m not a person who trusts easily or quickly. I’m always on guard but I never, not even one time detected any malice or self-interest in Michael. His pureness of spirit and good intention shines through his rough masculine exterior.

Though we’ve had our ups and downs – mostly due to my mercurial temperament, we have been three amigos on a mission to challenge the mainstream narrative by bringing a new perspective to the news. Michael’s support gave me the courage I needed to step out of the shadows – at least partially. And though I cringe as I write this, I am 100% on Michael’s team and I intend to tell his story.

Most American men don’t have enough calcium in their spine to meet the standard of a loaf of Wonder Bread but not Michael. Michael Emry is an ordinary man who was doing something extraordinary and he is in jail for his trouble. To all the lounge lizard arm chair quarterbacks, the mainstream media and alternative media with their million dollar setups who say there had to be a better way, I say damn you all to hell! If there was a better way name it! When the government is corrupt and the media is their partner in the corruption… when the politicians are for sale to the highest bidder, where do you turn? What do you do? Put up or shut up!

End Part 1


CROSBY, STILLS & NASH /// 9. Long Time Gone 

(Crosby, Stills & Nash) – (1969) 


Michael Emry: A Notch in the Gavel of a New Judge

Part 2

Source: TVOI News

By Vicky Davis on Jun 14, 2016 | 13 Comments

Michael Emry arrived in Burns, Oregon on January 1, 2016. He was there as the embedded reporter for the Idaho III% to cover the rally showing support for Dwight and Steven Hammond that was to be held on January 2nd. The Hammonds were ordered to turn themselves in to U.S. Marshals on the 4th to serve their second terms in prison for crimes they didn’t commit. Through a procedural trick in the law combined with prosecutorial abuse of power, they were convicted of being eco-terrorists which carries with it a mandatory minimum sentence of five years in prison. The first judge in the Hammond case refused to impose the mandatory minimum because it was a violation of Article VIII of the Constitution:

Excessive bail shall not be required, nor excessive fines imposed, nor cruel and unusual punishments inflicted.

He gave them a sentence of 3 months and 1 year respectively. The prosecution appealed the sentences to the Ninth Circus Court of Appeals that then ordered the Hammonds back to jail to complete the full five year sentences.

After the rally, the occupation of Malheur Refuge was announced by Ammon Bundy. Nobody but Bundy’s closest circle was prepared for a takeover of the Refuge least of all TVOI News. Michael stayed in Burns to cover it even though it was very difficult. It was TVOI’s first big story that required an on-ground-presence which is very expensive. There was a mad scramble for donations both for expenses and equipment upgrades just to be able to do it.

The occupation ended with the murder of LaVoy Finicum on January 26th at a roadblock on U.S. 395 between the towns of Burns and John Day, Oregon. Ammon and Ryan Bundy, LaVoy and several others were headed for a community meeting in Grant County that was organized by a logger named Tad Houpt. It tends to get lost in the human drama of the Bundy’s occupation of Malheur, 2014 Nevada standoff and the murder of LaVoy, but the central issue and cause of the growing dissent is the government’s policies of economic and cultural destruction of rural America.

The eastern part of Oregon defines rural. There are thousands of acres of open space with very few people and they suffer from a dearth of information – both coming in and especially getting information out. They don’t have the quality of high speed communications that is readily available in most places and their printed news is basically a tabloid that is published once a week. Michael saw that as an opportunity to help them establish their own media operation similar to The Voice of Idaho News (, so he stayed in Burns and continued to meet with the Committee of Safety that was organized by Ammon Bundy before the occupation.

On February 11, 2016, the story moved to Grant County when the manager of the Emergency Communications Center, Valerie Luttrell, filed a complaint against Grant County Sheriff Glenn Palmer. Sheriff Palmer is a constitutional sheriff and very popular among the rural residents of Grant County.

On February 18, 2016, Les Zaitz of the Oregonian wrote an article in which he quoted an unnamed dispatcher to say, “I felt uncomfortable knowing that I had to relay vital and confidential information to someone who may not be trustworthy“. The someone she was referring to was Sheriff Palmer. For a dispatcher who is low man on the totem pole to make a statement like that is evidence of a conspiracy against Sheriff Palmer. She stepped way out of bounds for her position. She wouldn’t have done that without political backing source unknown – and cover provided by Les Zaitz.

Towards the end of February, Becky joined Michael in Oregon. During this time, they were not only working on the issue of media, they were trying to figure out what they were going to do personally. They were liberated from Boise and for personal reasons having nothing to do with Malheur or media operations; they didn’t want to go back.

At some point in March, Michael began working with Ted Houpt and a group of people in Grant County. They were interested in forming a Committee of Correspondence that would work in cooperation with a new media platform provided by Michael. The purpose of the Committee was to both review the mainstream coverage of issues in the area and to report on events and issues from the perspective of the rural residents of the area. The decision to establish The Voice of Grant County Oregon in conjunction with a Facebook page of the same name was made in the last week of March. On April 3, 2016, hosting space for the website was purchased and I began building the website. It was at that point that Les Zaitz began stalking Michael and other members of the Committee of Correspondence – trying to get somebody – anybody to talk to him.

Between Les Zaitz’ position at the Oregonian and his interest in Malheur Media, LLC along with his wife Scotta Callister and his brother Lyndon Zaitz, they pretty much have a media monopoly in rural Oregon.

In an article posted on the Malheur Enterprise website, there is an announcement that the trio purchased the Enterprise in October of 2015. The Malheur Enterprise is the newspaper of Vale, Oregon in Malheur County. The article said that Callister was the retired editor of the Blue Mountain Eagle in John Day and Lyndon Zaitz is publisher of the Keizertimes, a community weekly paper outside of Salem.

This is a map showing the terrain between Vale, Oregon and Salem.

On April 5, 2016, Les Zaitz sent an email to The Voice of Idaho requesting an interview.

Then started the media terrorism – blackmail using a blatantly false accusation with the implied threat – “either talk to me or I’ll call the IRS and report my suspicions.”

I was told that Les Zaitz was hounding other members of the Grant County Committee of Correspondence as well but Zaitz’ most high profile target is Sheriff Glenn Palmer. Sheriff Palmer had to complain to the local prosecutor causing the prosecutor to warn Zaitz to not call him at his home and to stop hounding Sheriff Palmer.

After the email containing the blackmail threat, TVOI News began their own investigation to try and figure out who is Les Zaitz really. On the first search, I found out that Les Zaitz is President of the Grant County Economic Council. That was an ‘ah ha’ moment which is why I wroteMetro Makers at the Door (published April 28, 2016).

Rise of the Pagans 

I didn’t know what Conscious Culture was so I had to do a search on it. Here are some resources so you can see for yourself:

Festivals – Gatherings for Cultural Transformation

Inlakesh Festival

This one has videos so you can see the culture warriors

Economic Development

I’ve done fairly extensive research on Economic Development in Idaho. That research was done as a result of a complaint by a resident of Star, Idaho, a small rural town outside of Boise. The corruption that I documented in Star parallels the corruption I’ve seen in Grant County. For the record, Economic Development is a government program that began in the 1960’s as part of the Great Society.

Carnegie Foundation President John W. Gardner was the Architect of the Great Society and the Economic Development Administration was created as part of it. What has happened however is that a network of International Economic Developers have embedded themselves in ourcommunity colleges and universities and into the system of Economic Development. They tap into all grant and funding programs intended for the American people – not imported foreigners. With the foreign money comes foreign occupation of our small rural communities.

The purpose that the “mainstream” media plays is to normalize it – play it as if it is perfectly normal for large populations of foreigners – including Muslims from the Middle East and Africa to move into small towns in Idaho. And as we recently found out by looking at Les Zaitz and the Grant County Economic Council, it’s coming to rural Oregon.

There is a formula plan that has been replicated and used all over our country.

First they kill your economy to increase the poverty rate: Distressed Areas in Oregon

And then they establish EB-5 Regional Centers to get foreign money by selling American citizenship. The foreign investment money is directed to the commie-connected and created by the Economic Developers that are designed to put American businesses out of business – with a few exceptions. The exceptions are show ponies that the media uses to show that everything is still normal and if you aren’t winning in the global economy – it’s just because you are a loser. And you are a loser because you can’t compete with a subsidized business that is designed to put you out of business.

When this conversion starts to happen, a lot of economic development money flows into an area and the local politicians either feed voraciously at the trough – or they are run out of office as in happening to Sheriff Palmer.


Affirmative Furthering Fair Housing Stanley Kurtz

It may seem that I’ve veered off Michael’s story but I haven’t. It’s just that the story is so much bigger than the story of one individual. Michael was in Oregon to establish a media operation to help the people of Oregon to be able to understand what is happening to their area and for them to be able to report to the rest of the country what is happening by establishing a Committee of Correspondence. That’s the real reason Michael is in jail – not because he was doing anything that should have drawn the attention of the FBI. Michael was set up. The FBI’s attention was called to him by somebody who really didn’t want new media in the area.

End Part 2


Source: TVOI News

A Public Star Chamber for Michael Emry

Part 3

Vicky Davis on Jun 18, 2016 | 0 Comments

Since Michael Emry’s arrest on May 6, 2016, Les Zaitz has been convicting Michael in the media and at the May 24th pretrial release hearing, Assistant District Attorney Nathan Lichvarcik not only echoed Zaitz’s words, he embellished the story by making an accusation that is flat out untrue and for which there is no evidence. Lichvarcik said that the gun was brought to Oregon for the occupation and his intent was to get the .50 caliber gun to the Malheur Wildlife Refuge occupation – but he couldn’t because of law enforcement presence.

That’s prima facie evidence that the U.S. Justice Department has no respect for the law, no respect for facts in evidence and no respect for truth. I’m not sure if what a prosecutor says to a judge is considered de facto under penalty of perjury or not, but that statement was a fraud upon the court. The prosecutor’s assertion was completely made up and then Les Zaitz echoed it making a mockery of justice and completing the circle for a public Star Chamber for Michael.

How do I know that the District Attorney made that up? Because when Michael planned to go to the rally, he was worried about his car. It was not running well. Ammon Bundy’s business is fleet sales of vehicles. Ammon loaned Michael an SUV for the trip to Burns so that Michael would have a reliable vehicle and plenty of room for his camera equipment. Michael drove that SUV to Burns and he continued to drive it until Lisa Bundy came to the Refuge to retrieve Ammon’s things. If there had been any intent on Michael’s part to bring that .50 Cal chunk of iron to the Refuge, it would have been there and it would have been fully functional and ready to be used. But he didn’t have any such intention and as he said in his statement, he went to Boise to get it sometime in April or late March for the purpose of showing the quality of his workmanship to Marc S. “Doc” O’Dell who had approached Michael about the possibility of going into business building guns – a perfectly legal business with a Class II license.

In the first article Zaitz wrote on May 6, he said that in an interview with Michael on Thursday, the day before the arrest, Michael was “vague about why he’d moved to Grant County where he established “The Voice of Grant County”. That statement makes Michael seem like a shady character – secretive. Does this look secretive? Can we figure out what Michael might have had in mind from that image?

And the Facebook page by the same name… the CIA’s profile database… there’s nothing secretive on that page either.

As far as the Committee of Correspondence is concerned, the concept is very, very simple. A person would have to be thick as a brick (and you know who you are) not to grasp the concept that the purpose is to analyze media coverage and to report to the committee what is true about the coverage, what is false and what critical information was omitted and then to make a report available to the public.

A Committee of this type is needed in rural Oregon because of United Nations Agenda 21/Agenda 2030. The government has an alleged mission of preservation of land for future generations but there is so much corruption in the government that preservation is a synonym for theft of private property through regulatory racketeering, criminal harassment and a list of other crimes right up the line to treason through fraudulent debt creation and debt-for-nature swaps selling the country right out from under us.

So what this article is going to be an approximation of what a Committee of Correspondence would do with the information above concerning Michael Emry’s case. Its an approximation because I’m not going to eliminate the snark. The analysis of the public Star Chamber proceedings in the case of Michael Emry will be found on my website, The Technocratic Tyranny because I have more flexibility in formatting a page than is provided on the TVOI website.

End Part 3


Source: The Technocratic Tyranny

The Entrapment of Michael Emry 

By Vicky on: June 17, 2016 In: Michael • No Comments

The Weapon

Below is the picture of what the FBI found on the day the search warrant was executed. I previously reported that this was a parts kit. It’s not a parts kit. It’s in a parts kit box. It is however, not a functioning machine gun. It’s missing the cocking handle – and it’s damaged which is why it was in Jim Weaver’s shop. As it is shown in the picture, it is not an operable gun.

The picture below is a fully functioning Browning M2 machine gun. On the right, there is a Vicker’s Tactical video demonstration of the M2.

At about the third meeting of the Committee of Correspondence, Michael was approached by a member of the Committee of Correspondence who was interested in guns. The member’s name is Marc ‘Doc’ O’Dell. It was not known at the time that Doc O’Dell was Marc S. O’Dell, a felon with a criminal history longer than an orangutan’s arm. O’Dell was living on the ranch of Harry Stangel, who is a rancher – but who rumor has it, is retired law enforcement and it would seem – O’Dell’s handler.

Michael told me that he and O’Dell talked a lot about guns, Michael’s experience and the requirements to get a Class II license to go into business. O’Dell told Michael that the ranch had a building on the ranch that could be used as a shop. O’Dell invited Michael and Becky out to the ranch and took them on a tour of it. It’s not hard to imagine that Michael was pretty excited about the possibility of going back into the gun building business – which is a perfectly legal business as you can see from the Vicker’s Tactical Video. To verify that, I called the Twin Falls Sheriff’s office to ask a deputy if it was legal to have a Browning .50 Cal machine gun if it is semi-automatic and not fully automatic. He said it was legal.

At some point, O’Dell told Michael that Stangel wanted Michael to make a gun for him. It’s not known to this writer what caliber of gun Stangel wanted but Michael went to Boise to get the .50 Cal to be able to show Stangel the quality of Michael’s workmanship in terms of the welding of the rivets and whatever. Michael didn’t steal the gun. He borrowed it from Weaver’s shop to show to Harry Stangel who would have been the Class II license holder and the money man for the shop to build guns.

When Michael worked in the shop for Jim Weaver and they did gun shows, Michael said he always brought that .50 Cal for show and tell. Even though they weren’t doing gun shows anymore, he had a key to Weaver’s shop and he let Michael use it whenever he wanted. Several times, Michael talked to me about setting up a feature section on the The Voice of Idaho website for guns, gun sales and video demonstrations and discussions. We never did it obviously but it was an idea on the table for the future.

Michael wanted to show the .50 Cal to Stangel but O’Dell kept putting him off. At some point O’Dell changed the name from Harry to Larry somebody. Then when O’Dell asked Michael to make the gun fully automatic, Michael knew he was being set up. He told O’Dell hell no and that he wasn’t going to do anything for O’Dell, Harry, Larry, or anybody else. Michael said he knew after that, it was just a matter of time because after that, he knew he was being followed. It was at that point that he panicked and scratched off the serial number to try to protect his friend Jim Weaver.

Stolen Valor

When I began writing this series on the arrest of Michael Emry, a local from Grant County provided information to us about Marc S. “Doc” O’Dell, the guy who set up Michael. I received a 26 MB file on O’Dell. He has left so many victims in his wake that they set up a website for the victims to tell their stories. It’s stunning.

Zoom Info has a profile on Marc O’Dell that is active. It really only scratches the surface of Mr. O’Dell.

Marc S. O’Dell hails from Partlow, Virginia. He is between 45 and 49 years old depending on which date of Birth he uses. Among his lies, he claims to have seen action in Vietnam, South America, and Desert Storm (including Special Ops in the sewers of Kuwait). He has told numerous people including ex-wives that he was a United States Navy SEAL.

A quick check with Retired Navy SEAL Captain Larry Bailey and noted Phony SEAL Buster Steve Waterman confirmed that Marc S. O’Dell is not now and has never been a United States Navy SEAL.

We are now aware of no less than six marriages for O’Dell. We don’t currently know how many were legal, but we’re working on it.

We have just received confirmation that Marc S. O’Dell was turned into the FBI and convicted of stealing while in the Navy Reserves. He received a DISHONORABLE DISCHARGED in 1993. Now, why am I not surprised?! This PHONY VETERAN’s lack of honesty and character runs deep.

UPDATE: June 11, 2000.We have just confirmed that another means of support for Marc S. O’Dell’s is derived from telling hard luck sob stories to women, obtaining “loans” and never repaying them. He bilked his mother-in-law out of $6,000 in May 25, 1999, to keep from being arrested for nonpayment of child support, with the promise to repay it by August 15, 1999. He has made no attempt to repay this “loan”. Surprised?!

UPDATE: June 12, 2000. Marc S. O’Dell is using the following aliases, Marc Dell, Marc O. Dell, Mark Dell, Steven O’Dell, Steven Dell, Rick Stevens, and Steve or Steven Kuterbach. 

MSO Victims Forum

At one point in time, there was a website called the MSO Victims Forum. The only thing that remains is a webpage from a website called I don’t know if somebody was trying to set up a newer version of Who Is? but I’m including it here because it had to be the original source of the 26 MB file on Marc S. O’dell. I’m not posting that file because it has a lot of names and personal information in it but I am distributing it to various people I know for safekeeping – including to law enforcement (one of the good ones).

 Phony Veterans

Phony Veterans – 2003 from the Internet Archive

On a website called Fake Warriors, a division of the POW Network, there is another, more current story about Marc S. O’Dell. In 2011, KATU in Portland, Oregon did a story titled, AG investigates charity claiming to help sick women, kids by Kerry Tomlinson.


AG investigates charity claiming to help sick women 

Now O’Dell is a Marine?

On the Blue Mountain Eagle website, there is a picture of a Marine Reunion. The picture includes Harry Stangel and Marc S. “Doc” O’Dell.

Curiously, there is another picture of Harry and Robyn Stangel in North Carolina posing with a copy of the Blue Mountain Eagle newspaper. How many people do you know that go on vacation with a local newspaper and pose with it? They must be very close friends with the Blue Mountain Eagle people which would have been who? Scotta Callister – Les Zaitz wife.

Michael Emry was not on the radar of the FBI for anything. He was doing nothing wrong in Grant County. When he was talking to O’Dell about going into business and getting a Class II license, he wasn’t doing anything wrong. The mistake Michael made was to bring the non-functioning body of a Browning M2 .50 cal over the state line into Oregon. If he had made O’Dell come to Idaho to see it, it would have been perfectly legal to show it to him.

Michael let O’Dell take a picture of it to show Harry Stangel. What O’Dell did with that picture was to sell it to the FBI. The whole thing was a set up – entrapment – from beginning to end so now, a good man sits in jail while O’Dell is free to roam the streets looking for his next victim.


ac/dc dirty deeds done dirt cheap+lyrics

6 thoughts on “Idaho: Example of the Lawlessness In America

  1. “Your muckin with the G, pal.”
    The first clue is the Institute for Conscious Culture. That’s a clue so big, if it fell over on somebody, it would crush them to death. Your talking black-ops, CIA, Military Intelligence. They might as well hang a giant billboard sign out front that says BLACK-OPS HAPPENING HERE and then paint a big red X on the side of the building.
    This Zaitz fella (if that’s even his real name) is probably either CIA or Military Intelligence.
    Michael Emry started interfering with their social programming and they don’t like it when their social programming gets interfered with. If the set up with the 50. cal hadn’t worked they would have gone with something else. Like an accident. Or a flat out disappearance.
    It’s also no coincidence that Zaitz and the D.A. are saying the same things. I’d even go so far as to bet that Zaitz is telling the D.A. how to proceed in court. I think Zaitz would be the one calling the shots.
    And of course, Behind Zaitz and his little Institute are the Carnegies. The rich aholes like the Carnegies love funding these social programming missions because the missions help keep the people poor, sick and stupid. We are all supposed to believe that poor, sick and stupid is normal.
    This kind of social programming takes place all over the country. Even in rural settings. Chances are, the person in charge of your local newspaper is either CIA, Military Intelligence or is being handled by one or the other.

    1. One thing I didn’t put in the article about Marc “Doc” O’Dell is that he worked for the JDL and he’s a Grand Dragon of the KKK – leading skin heads. That’s in the 26 MB file I have that I’ve sent to various places for safekeeping.

      1. That doesn’t surprise me at all. As a matter of fact, I would question as to whether O’Dell’s dishonorable discharge was actually dishonorable. Quite often, they will tarnish one of their own on purpose in order to have an agent who can work both sides of the law. The “law” being whatever they feel it needs to be on any given day. In certain circles, having O’Dell being dishonorably discharged for theft would give him a sort of prestige.
        The evil SOB’s in charge won’t care if O’Dell screws a bunch of people over along the way as long as he gets the jobs done that they need him to do. Probably why he has a long list of flim-flams and money scams but has never seen the inside of a jail cell. He’s protected.
        Working for the JDL makes sense. The Jews have been running black-ops for a loooong time. They don’t have any exclusivity on lies and deception, they’re just really, really good at it. And the KKK has been a FED-op for the last few decades at least.

  2. This is disturbing, for if a group of government scumbags can do this to one man, I am sure they are out everywhere setting up a multitude of people.

  3. Government sum bags love,civilian scum bags. Butt buzzards flock together and all that rot! It’s too bad that some “targets”, of official stings, are so slow to pick up on people like O’Dell. There are tell tale signs if you are trained to look for them.

    1. 1. Michael was really broke and they had been struggling for several years. When O’Dell started talking about Harry getting a Class II license and there was a shop on the ranch that could be converted, Michael jumped at it like a starving man will jump at a piece of bread.

      2. By the time Michael did pick up that he was set up. it was too late. Nothing he could do but wait for the big event.

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