Idaho mountain lion had teeth growing from forehead


BBC News

A mountain lion killed in the US state of Idaho had a set of fully formed teeth growing out of its forehead, wildlife officials say.

The lion was legally shot dead by a hunter on 30 December.  

Deformed mountain lion with teeth growing out of its head, shot in Idaho (30 December)

The Idaho Department of Fish and Game says the teeth could be the remnants of a conjoined twin which died in the womb, or possibly a kind of tumour.

Biologists in the region have never seen anything like this particular deformity before, it says.

The lion was hunted after it attacked a dog near the town of Weston, Idaho. The dog survived, but a hunter set off in pursuit and killed the big cat a few hours later.

A conservation officer checked the lion’s body, as required by law, and found the set of teeth, as well as what appeared to be a set of whiskers on the left side of the animal’s forehead.

Mountain lions, a native species of big cat, are relatively common in Idaho. They are elusive animals which seldom come into contact with humans.

They are territorial and require large swathes of wilderness to thrive, according to the US National Wildlife Federation.

In winter, their prey species, such as deer and turkeys, move down from the mountains to escape colder temperatures, often gathering at the edges of villages or towns.

This can put predatory mountain lions into conflict with people, livestock and pets, says the Idaho Department of Fish and Game.


6 thoughts on “Idaho mountain lion had teeth growing from forehead

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  2. “They are elusive animals which seldom come into contact with humans.”

    BS. They’re not exactly elusive around here. They’re eating everything in sight, and a lot of people are blaming them for the bad deer season.

    And they’re not all that shy about coming in contact with humans, either. One of them is going to get too close and I’m going to turn him into mittens and a hat.

    The teeth out of the forehead thing is freaky. If it’s only one animal, it could be anything. If you see more deformities in local animals (esp. frogs) then it could be radiation.

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  5. Reminds me of that scene in the first episode of the show, “The 100” where they return to Earth after a 100 years due to radiation that had engulfed the planet from a world war that destroyed almost all of humanity, only to find a live deer, where one side of its head is normal and the other side looks like a mutated beast.

    Sounds like Fukushima effects to me.

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