If Oregon Obamacare Panel Can’t Talk Bad About Program…


…Then they’ll just fluff around, speaking so highly of the program, it’s like they’re off in unicorn land, oblivious to reality, like they did at a recent presentation at Portland State University.  

That was the wrap up/closing comments portion of the evening. Earlier, they spoke about the ways that Cover Oregon can pay for drug addicts to turn hospitals into flop houses, because they can drop into the ER whenever they want and use your money for needle exchanges.

But the hilarity doesn’t end there, no. Cover Oregon even has a special program for “undocumented populations”.

As if this isn’t enough, one poor chap from Cover Oregon takes to the podium in a Jay Carney like way, stumbling through a presentation on how the ratings system came about, which requires the input, research, and approval of dozens of bodies, both governmental and public/private.

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