Ilhan Omar’s daughter, a prominent climate activist, adds communist hammer and sickle to Twitter bio

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Climate activist Isra Hirsi, the 18-year-old daughter of Rep. Ilhan Omar, D-Minn., added the communist hammer and sickle to her Twitter bio and has openly called for a communist revolution online.

Hirsi, who co-founded the U.S. Youth Climate Strike and has received fawning coverage from liberal media outlets, added the infamous symbol to her profile at some point in the last three weeks, internet archives show. 

In addition to this, a year ago she openly called for a communist “revolution” online and is reportedly in charge of writing some of her mother’s tweets.

Hirsi will be attending Columbia University in New York City this fall.

Throughout the last century, communist regimes have resulted in oppression and death for tens of millions of people worldwide, including and especially in the nascent Soviet Union. It is then that the hammer and sickle symbol was first adopted among the proletariat, or working class, and has since become the international emblem of communism.

The congresswoman’s daughter has amassed a massive following on Twitter and Instagram through her work with the U.S. Youth Climate Strike. She has also spoken at prestigious venues, including giving her own TED talk at Wake Forest University in North Carolina titled “An Angry Black Girl.”

Hirsi was also named to Forbes’ “40 Under 40 Government and Politics” list in 2020, has been featured in New York Magazine, and has been described as “saving the planet” by Vice News for her climate change work.

Additionally, Hirsi was a panelist for a climate conference at her soon-to-be alma mater in February and gave a lecture at the University of Washington last month.

Omar spokesman Jeremy Slevin said in a statement: “Have you no shame? Rep. Omar is an elected official, her child is not. Also, given the fact that Rep. Omar and her kids receive a significant amount of death threats, this is highly irresponsible and dangerous.”

3 thoughts on “Ilhan Omar’s daughter, a prominent climate activist, adds communist hammer and sickle to Twitter bio

  1. How about China producing more pollution and supposed climate change gases than all other developed nations combined? How about the former Soviet Union dumping highly toxic waste without regard to the people living there? Does she even know about the aptly nicknamed “cancer cities” in China? She is an ignorant idiot like her mother. Should have deported her mother for immigration fraud and her various other crimes and the Omars wouldn’t be America’s problem any more.

  2. At least there’ll be no doubt about their absolute guilt when it comes time for the trials & executions…

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