Illegal Alien Felons Being Released on the American People

Thousands of foreign nationals, who have entered our country illegally, been arrested and held in jail are being released as a part of the illegal insurgent Barack Obama’s back door amnesty, perpetrated through an unconstitutional executive dictate.  The lie being put forth for this action is that the system is overloaded and that this amnesty will allow the more violent criminals to be deported sooner.

The truth of this action is that is represents nothing short of open treason as it facilitates a foreign invasion.  The fact is these insurgents who are being released are felons being released, as it is a felony to cross our borders without proper permission and documentation.  And I think we should all be asking ourselves, if these insurgents can be freed as felons, to what degree?  What other felonies can they have committed and still be unleashed upon us?

The incidents of these felons who have been released in the past and went on to rob, rape, and kill our citizens is an absolute fact.  And do you hear any politician speaking out against this outrage or pushing for the impeachment of the traitor who instituted it?  Of course not.

There can be no doubt that Attorney General Eric Holder was and is an active participant in gun running and drug dealing.  Why is he not in jail awaiting trial?  They tell us we cannot jail such people because their crimes are political.  Somebody please tell me what crime is not.  And in truth does this not go to show the absolutism of the corruption within our government?

The fact is the District Attorney for Washington DC could take the allegations and facts to a Grand Jury and once an indictment is handed down, the DC police can arrest Eric Holder and hold him for trial.  But then we can’t have that can we, because it is not just Eric Holder.  These dirty deeds go all the way up to the leader of the insurgency, the foreigner Barrack Obama, who is committing impeachable offenses almost weekly now.

In spite of the lies there are a minimum of 30 million foreign nationals in our country in violation of our law.  This 30 million, coupled with the 20 million George Bush Jr. gave amnesty to, are taking over the body politic in many of our counties and states to the point that Mexican flags can be brought into our schools but American children are forbidden to wear T-shirts with the American flag on them, and Cinco de Mayo has been established as a right at the same time US history is being removed from the curriculum.

The longer we let this go on, the bigger the mess gets and the more it is going to cost us to clean it up.  We have to let these politicians know that any one of them who supports the invasion in any way is automatically out.  And when we get Ron Paul into office we must insist that he direct our military to evict every person in this country who is not natural born or naturalized and that never shall another foreign work visa be issued under any circumstance.

We are surrounded by traitors and they occupy the highest seats of power in our government.  It has come to the point that force is not only necessary, but essential.  We have the absolute right to enforce our laws when those we have hired to enforce them are the ones breaking them.

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