Independence from what???

Here’s a great idea … Let’s send China a few million bucks once a year, or maybe even billions of dollars for no meaningful reason whatsoever. Oh, wait… How about we do that twice a year?

Well, that’s exactly what we do, isn’t it?

Imagine if we could sell China some commodity that they would immediately set fire to rocket it off into space never to be seen again…. and turn right around and come back to us for some more???  

Whoa! That is exactly what we are doing, so are we suckers or WHAT?

Almost 100% of the fireworks that we turn into smoke twice every year come right out of China. We US citizens set these Chinese made suckers on fire and for a few seconds we stand in awe of the bright lights… then they vanish forever.

China keeps the money and diligently builds their infrastructure and contributes to the New Silk Road that will give them beneficial economic access to half of the entire world.

Hummm … just how many years we have been doing this goofy trick? … At least twice every year, once at New Years to celebrate a “new beginning”.. (what “new” beginning? where is OUR Silk Road?) and then … WHO’S independence are we building anyway?

That much touted “independence”… who exactly are we independent of? England, and the English Currency Act of 1764 ???

That was a while back but if I recall we ‘supposedly’ gained our freedom when we ‘supposedly’ separated ourselves from England, and when you consider it, maybe we actually were more free then … but now we have the Federal Reserve Act which accomplishes the very same thing [See, The Financial Hijacking of the American Revolution;

There was NO enforced “income tax” collected at the point of the gun by a private non-governmental mafia, was there?

We didn’t have a “big brother” reading our mail, or watching us from every tree. We didn’t have chem-trails spewing out heavy metals and toxins into the air we breathed back then either…

We didn’t have the entities whose paychecks are funded by our hard earned tax dollars forcing us to surrender our children so they can shoot them up with vaccines and turn them into quasi-zombies, did we?

We didn’t have forced government brainwashing called “free” public education” either – right?

We didn’t have those tax-paid Washington Insiders agreeing to force our young people to fight in foreign undeclared wars, while they feed them phony bullshit about how they are “protecting our freedom,” did we?

We didn’t have so-called “representatives” voting to INCREASE their take-home money, and at the same time exempting themselves from any of the laws, rules or regulations that they make sure we have to bow down and obey!

We didn’t have property tax then, which is nothing more than legalized theft, because the lies they feed us all about “we own something” when we can own NOTHING written right into the law, is the biggest fraud every perpetrated on a nation.
Brown v. Welch,

116 Ind. 117 (1866) aff’d. Contracts Payable in Gold. Senate Resolution No. 62 (April 24, 1933) (The ultimate ownership of all property is in the State; individual so-called “ownership” is only by virtue of Government; i.e., law, amounting to mere user; and use must be in accordance with law and subordinate to the necessities of the State. The fact that citizens, at a given time may prefer specie to currency, or vice versa, cannot prevent Congress from enacting those laws which it deems necessary to the maintenance of a proper monetary system.); …

Back in those days, what we now stupidly like to call “Our” country didn’t function as a voluntary prison owned and controlled by “private corporations” whose real owners don’t even reside in the same nation that we do.

We weren’t burdened with a whole slew of skum-bag politicians that get hefty kick-backs from chemical companies called “pharmaceutical corporations” that skin us for billions of dollars to buy the poisons that the politicians make sure we are mandated to accept.

Nobody back then had to leave what was “America” so they could get some kind of decent care when they were sick.

We didn’t have well-fed politicians squabbling about the best way to extract the rest of the money that the citizens might have left using the scheme called “health care,” did we?

We didn’t have a government constantly dreaming up better methods to confiscate any means of self-protection did we? Could it be that they are concerned that we will come awake and realize that we DO need to protect ourselves… from THEM!

Fireworks are the best fun you can find that only lasts for seconds… unless it is sex.

The little ones really get off to those bright light in the sky, which is great for adults to watch.

Hopefully the high-level pedophiles won’t pay some go-between to kidnap your children so they can have a satanic party using our kids as the centerpiece before the next holiday, when we will get to underwrite China’s economic progress once again.

I had a dream…that the president signed legislation that put a heavy tariff on fireworks that were imported from China, allowing only fireworks made in America which made them much cheaper to buy. Tragically I can’t find anyone else that dreamed the same dream.

The 4th of July should really be called “Memorial Day”, the day that we remember and erect a marble “memorial” to what this country used to be, and at the same time memorialize George Carlin who told us all: “The Washington folks are in ONE big club…. and YOU AIN’T IN IT”.

Look at them beautiful lights~!

6 thoughts on “Independence from what???

  1. Yep, well said, GrayRider!

    As I always say, “Happy Dependence Day, where we celebrate our dependence on the government for EVERYTHING!” So sad, but true.

    Celebrating our freedom from what? People can’t even shoot fireworks in my town, for cryin’ out loud. Gee… So f$&king free!


  2. At Least GrayRider & I agree totally of this page !

    USA Government is totally corrupt & have ripped us for Trillions of dollars…….&& killed 1000’s young men & women, & children….& baby’s too !

  3. Here was my 4th message to my family and friends…

    Happy 4th of July my peeps, may we actually have real freedom one day-

    free from the hegemonic tyranny we are under now, that the bill of rights and common law be restored,

    so that America can truly be made great again,

    of course on this day of reverence of sacrifices past we should remember that real men and women fought, killed and died for an ideal of personal, individual, sovereignty and liberty from the tyranny of the crown,

    they were not interested in this created fiction known as government by wealthy land owning dual citizens of the day…

    of which we can be thankful that the bill of rights was forced upon them..

    as this is the core mechanism that has restrained these globalist maggots for so long..

    I fear that only a new blood letting sacrifice will be all that can heal us and bring freedom to our people again…

    forgive my diatribe on this day, as I only wish freedom for all…and death eternal to any and all tyrants and those that would serve them….

    God bless

    I am on everyday helping spread this understanding.. at some point the worm must turn

    Crazy Norm in Hawaii

  4. The ‘Dependents’ were blowing sh!t off clear past 1am!
    I live just past city limits.
    Dogs were stressed
    Cattle across the way stressed
    They don’t give a FLYING F___K about any sort of common sense
    They leave the effin garbage piled up on the dirt road
    for someone else to clean up
    Thought about hooking up a snow plow and pushing it to the side
    These A Holes buy this crap with how many hours of a fricken job just to see it gone in minutes, with no stinken clue why…
    I noticed a new sign just north at the crossroads “NO FIREWORKS ZONE”
    ‘F’ that too! If it ends up gone…well
    I absolutely despise what has become of the celebration!!!!

    Your Friend Hal

    I could only afford a couple boxes of ammo of which I am grateful.

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