India Demands Gun Restrictions for American Citizens in Response to Sikh Temple Shooting

The individual being identified as the gunman for the Wisconsin Sikh Temple shooting, Wade Michael Page, was ex military.  In fact when he left the service he was classified as an E4 Psy-Op Expert.  Witnesses at the temple have declared that there were as many as four shooters.  This is a CIA psy-op designed to bolster the calls from the soviet socialists to disarm the American population.

The Communist News Network has been covering protests in India, wherein the people of India are demanding stricter gun control laws for the people of the United States.

There has been a conscious effort to portray these Sikhs as red blooded Americans, with every right to demand changes to our Constitution.  There are said to be 500,000 Sikhs in our country.  In listening to their leader speak, it is abundantly clear that they are socialist in nature.  Anyone within our borders, who is adverse to our Bill of Rights, must be considered a part of the international socialist insurgency.

As for these belly button hair contemplators, if they do not like our 2nd Amendment, the makeup of our country, and/or our customs and culture, they can get the hell out and they can be forewarned that if they try to shove their socialist Indian bullshit down our throats, they are going to find their foreign asses aboard a deportation barge.

Anyone in opposition in the smallest degree to our Bill of Rights is unwelcome here.  This whole load of crap is just another dose of the multi-culturalism these Israeli Zionists think they are going to shove down our throats.

The push now is domestic terrorism.  The CIA and Mossad that are putting together these false flag psy-ops are the terrorists and we will not surrender one gun to them.  And every communist scum bag out there that pushes this feces to the smallest degree must be put on a list and marked for arrest and prosecution for constructive treason against the people, the Constitution, and the Republic of the united States of the Americas.

When these socialist slime approach you, attempting to get you to be politically correct in reference to this issue, tell them, “Tough shit, these Indians should have stayed in India if they don’t like guns.”

I will not shed one tear over the deaths of these Indian socialists who think they are going to, in cooperation with the foreign insurgents within our government, strip us of our weapons and leave us at the mercy of the Chekist Gestapo that are murdering our people on our streets every day.  In fact any and all foreign bastards who do not like our 2nd Amendment can get their asses out.

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

14 thoughts on “India Demands Gun Restrictions for American Citizens in Response to Sikh Temple Shooting

  1. Haha! Great. Now India is telling us how to run our country. This coming from a nation that can’t even protect and/or record the amount of people living in it and has one of the highest poverty rates in the world. That’s real sweet. I wonder if the CIA got a whole bunch of Indian people together and created another one of their infamous backgrounds to make it look like they are in India in order to make the sheeple fall for it like they tried to do in Syria. Sorry guys, but when a prankster gets caught more than once (especially CNN) trying to fool someone in order to promote their agenda, I don’t think this will make the people magically change their ways. But that’s just me. The “Boy Who Cried Wolf” thing is getting old. Also, how does CNN expect to raise their ratings when they keep on pulling pranks and stories that people know are completely fabricated. I mean CNN (Communist News Network) STILL does not get it and probably never will. It’s pathetic. It makes me wonder how they can go on living with themselves.

  2. The sad thing about this is we lost someone with psy-op expert who we need very badly when it come down to the fight with hussein, the communist and Russia to keep them from taken over this country, when it coming any day now. That why we half to keep our guns to fight the bastards until our military get back here to help fight the bastard communist!
    I have a petition here, would please read it and if you feel it the thing to do sign your name to it. It is to charge hussein obama with treason against the United States.

  3. Couldn’t agree with you more Henry.If you don’t like our constitution or bill of rights then go back to where you came from.

  4. First it was Mexico telling us we need to tougher gun laws, now it’s India. Well, I’ll tell you what India, you can go suck a lemon! (nicest way I could put it on this site. 😉 ) You can take your people and your religion back to India! Oh, and you can kiss all the jobs you stole from us goodbye too because America needs to start taking care of America! You don’t like that? Too bad, because if you try to shove your socialism down our throats, the next dot on your forehead will be a bullet hole!

  5. Dear INDIA,

    Your a shithole.

    You have always been a shithole.

    You will always be a shithole.

    IF you had been smart enough to teach your citizens about he ownership and use of firearms, I GUESS YOU WOULD NOT HAVE BEEN BRITIANS SLAVE COLONY FOR WELL OVER A CENTURY!

    I am officially inviting every one here from India to leave if they don’t like.

    Go fck yourself.

    JD – US Marines – Telling India it should worry about cleaning up its Cess-pool of a country before worrying about others.

  6. Mexico & India can kiss my a*stray for the record… If you don’t like it here leave! We don’t need you here!

    From: Los Angeles, CA

    They must have bumped their freakin’ heads!!!

    1. I second that #1 NWO Hater! Who the F. do they think they are saying that. Here they put up a temple in America and al is well until this happens and then all of a sudden they start saying this! Well then lets turn this temple of theirs into a homless shelter and kick them the F. out and maybe send Obama right along with them holy rollers. They got a lot of nerve they to even sugest anything even close to that. It`s too bad them guys got killed but to demand our country does anything is out of line – period!!! Do they think they make the rules in America now?! WTF. No way should Obama stand for talk like that.

      1. I guess it is no different than Hitlery and Obama demanding that Assad and Gaddafi and whoever they don’t like in any country to step down. Who are they to tell other countries what to do. Just sayin.

        1. Yes, I guess you are right NC , however everything was fine and dandy until this happened to them at the temple. Did they call for gun control when that happened in colorado – not that I have heard of. They had nothing to say until it happened to them at their temple in Wi. and I guess that is what I am refering to. if you know what I`m saying NC. Why don`t they clean up their own back yard before they come over here and all of a sudden – when things go wrong for them – they try to tell us what to do. Hope you understand where I`m comming from. No offense to any one but It seems that they have no business to tell us how to run our live because they have a bad day at the temple.

  8. YA think? By the way,NC, read my last comment on “Another False Flag, This time in Wisconsin.” I think you’ll like it.
    Also, I’m going to try to call in to From the Trenches today.

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