The Power of the Internet in the Hands of Patriots

The destabilization within the propaganda machine, being exhibited more and more daily, is a direct representation of the destabilization within the international socialist insurgency.  The internet now dominates in the transfer of information and has become the sleeping giant that has awakened and been unleashed upon the international corporate mafia.

It is amusing that it is their greed that will be their undoing in the end.  The fraud and scams they are using to continue the theft of our natural resources have become so intertwined within the operation of the internet, that they cannot stop us without exposing themselves for what they are at every juncture.

This phenomenon is indeed popping up worldwide, even in communist China where the internet is heavily censored.  The Chinese have found ways to circumvent the censorship and unite against those who seek to control every aspect of their lives.

The internet has produced what I believe to be an unforeseen consequence, in that when the user begins to communicate, the result is an individual mind going into operation in search of answers to individual questions.  Hence, individuality is being coaxed to the forefront in practically every instance, excluding work functions.  The internet has become not only a tool for work, but the means for individual entertainment and intellectual inquiry.

The status quo’s attacks on From the Trenches have become interesting to observe as the old techniques of breaking the chain of conversation, thus thought, through the interjection of trolls who seek to invoke emotional response, are no longer applicable as the trolls are removed most of the time before they even get on the site.

Now our enemies are resorting to offhanded threats, not of violence towards any of the participants, but towards destruction of the site through duplicit acts.  We have achieved much and the pathetic efforts to deter us show the desperation our enemies are experiencing.

I think From the Trenches represents the enemy’s worst nightmare – open intelligent conversation between intelligent American nationals who have been pushed beyond fear.  And we are indeed taking it a step further as more and more of us arm and prepare for the battles ahead, which at this point have become a fait accompli.

Our enemies know our numbers and our might and they must be watched closely as they have become so desperate as to be contemplating the most unspeakable acts as their only alternative to their complete annihilation.

Whatever they do, let us respond immediately and with overwhelming force.  It is absolutely within our power to assure that at the outset of hostilities our enemies will be facing attacks on 10,000 fronts across our nation.  Our victory is assured so let us act with valor, tempered with intelligence, and shrouded in the hate that is our righteous indignation.

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

10 thoughts on “The Power of the Internet in the Hands of Patriots

  1. We should all be lucy to have From The Trenches Henry because in America you use it or lose it – our rights of freedom of speach and thought ect. ect. I know we all know what I mean. It is these trolls that we see that are always saying ” do as I say, not as I do” and try to censor us on the trenches. What is it that makes them so insecure to try to throw our rights to free speach. Our freedoms are what separate us from other countries, and it they don`t want to be here with us guys like on The Trenches then they should put up or shut up or just plain go somewhere else. Be practicing American patriots or go somewhere else. It is the troll mentality that is eroading our rights. Come to think about it Henry, I think them trolls do so on The Trenches because they cannot stand themselves and what they represent. Keep up the good work Henry ,we all have the right to choose . Stand tall, be proud of what we are about, and above all don`t be buying any of those wooden nickles Once again keep up the good work and lets keep the tenches around for a long time and preserve our freedoms! Thanks Henry and you others who are responssible for this site.

  2. I read the most insightful articles here, and I only have a short list of websites I use to get real info and someone’s insight to the truth.

    I agree that the internet in the hands of the patriots is a powerful thing but too many people in the internet patriot websites just copy each other.


  3. You bet Sheila, thank you. It makes me feel really proud to be able to relate and talk with you guys on this site. Keep the patriotic faith freinds.

  4. diggerdan: “trolls do so on The Trenches because they cannot stand themselves and what they represent.”

    And many of them are paid to act the butt on websites such as this and (where FromTheTrenches articles are often posted)

    1. Yea this site and are really the only two sites that I look at everyday for REAL news. The MSM just has articles that they call news but are basically videos that make “America’s Funniest Home Videos” look good. For example: “See how this amazing cat stopped a taxi in its tracks” or “Amazing: This fish can jump out of water and hold its breath for 5 seconds before jumping back in” or “The cast of Spy Kids are all grown up and have now admitted themselves into a psychiatric ward for drug addiction”. I mean really. WWIII is on the brink of happening, our Constitution is being taken away, our economy is in a major crisis and those ridiculous kind of stories that I mentioned earlier are called news?? It’s pathetic.

  5. Dead on, Henry. I stated as much in a comment on an article last week. I consider the internet the greatest weapon – yes weapon – in our fight against the NWO, next to guns of course.
    Great post!

    p.s. I’ve turned on a couple of dozen people or so to this site in the last month.

  6. Yall needs to get the fundiez awake to the fact that they are funding the Anti-Christ State of IsraeHell and in so doing are serving the horned one instead of their not so precious Jesus. Stop them from worshiping the zion of satan and the not really jews of the NWO.
    In every mention of the synagogle of satan, call it not Israel but call it by its title The Anti-Christ State of israeHell.
    Stop funding the devil you dopes !!!

  7. Some interesting stuff going on in the HAM Radio community to create RF networks and protocols. It’s slow – but very difficult to to block.

    There are also “boom box” size devices described as “mobilel wi-fi ISPs” that do not require an account with brick and mortar ISPs lessees of “our” bandwidth. Great for emergencies, like hurricanes, or when the white shoe treasonous anarchists that have stealth couped our republic, and that somehow still manage to feed off our harvest under guise as “public servants” we employ, become so fearful of us the decide to switch off the internet.

    The HAM internet protocol is slow, but can be global. The mobil Wi-fis are fast but limited in range. A blend of those two technology’s would allow is to see, even when the lights are turned off.

    Politicians, the president, are not our leaders. We are the government, They are public service employees. We are their employers. We own every everything designated property of the US Government because we are the government.

    The senate, the presidency, and the “snoops” watching what we are saying right now, are our employees. Their only job is to follow the rules of their employment contract with us. That contract, is the “Constitution”. We hire them to make sure our roads don’t have too many chug holes, to make sure others we employ are not stealing from or defrauding us.

    There are three hundred million of us. Less than 10 thousand of them . All we have to do is recognize who we are and the power we possess. If we were only to shrug our shoulders, it would hit the criminals in our employ like 12 richter quake.

    A government of the people, by the people and for the people. We own :Curiosity, the Mars rover that touched down today. We own every brick of the structure on Pennsylvania Avenue and every piece of furniture in that stucture. We own the 400 million bullets and C4 explosive the agency headed by Janet Napolitano recently purchased.

    What are they going to do with all those bullets and all that C4?

    Our criminal employees talk tough. Aggression is a manifestation of fear. They are frightened to their very core of us. 300 Million Americans fear nothing. Be it box cutters or criminals justifying their violation of their employment contract with us under the ruse of “national security” on CSPAN TV.

    We can protect ourselves – it is they who need protection. It is insane to imagine oneself can be protected from 300 Million Americans.

    Well that they should. Perhaps they still have a shred of survival skills not dulled by their drunken stupor of self indulgence and avarice and dominion heresy.

    This is our country. Never allow yourself to believe otherwise. We can take it back in a heartbeat. They are afraid. You can smell it in the air like the putrescent fumes wafting off Mussolini’s rotting corpse as it hung upside down from a tree.

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