Insurgents Desperate to Disarm the People

2nd Amendment: A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.

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  1. Did I not correctly understand that this is targeting individuals who possess ILLEGAL guns? How is that condonable?

    Are not holders of illegal guns criminals? Any law abiding citizen can legally purchase and register any legal weapon so why is this a problem to you, Henry? There must be more to this than is clear here given that you see fit to post this video. Could you please elaborate?


    1. Brian,
      Don’t you know by now that the gun laws are not for the criminals? This is why I object.
      By the way, on a glance can you identify a legal gun from an illegal gun? The people of the United States are arming. !.5 million firearms were bought in December, 500,000 just in one week. This program in New Jersey is designed to scare honest citizens away from buying legal firearms.

      1. Thanks for your response, Henry. Of course I know that. My point is how could there be an arrest or even a confiscation if the person “fingered” is holding a legally registered firearm? And if that person is indeed holding an illegal weapon why shouldn’t he be dealt with accordingly? What do you believe me to be missing here?

        I just shot this off when I saw your response…now I’ll look at your link.

        1. Ok…just read that…so your point is probably that what is happening is bribing people to turn in people’s names who they know to have guns driven by unfounded paranoid fear and distrust of anyone who does so thereby providing a data base by which to accost and unjustly arrest individuals simply for possessing a firearm either legally or illegally thereby beginning a “reign of terror” against legal gun owners the goal being to disarm the citizenry? Is that your tack here?

          1. Just could be. And if it is so it would be encouraged for the criminals to be armed and left alone.

          2. Ok…but the flaw I see in that line of reasoning is that they already have that data base. If they really seek to initiate an unconstitutional and illegal assault on legal gun owners they don’t need to pay this money which…btw…I doubt they have any intention of paying very much of, if any, anyway.

            Although it is somewhat suspect and ambiguously puzzling this could very well be what it is presented as…a move against the criminal element. In which case it is to be applauded. Don’t you agree?

          3. Brian,
            There are also people who inherited guns which were purchased or passed down before there was such a thing as gun registration. These guns are not registered, yet they are owned by law abiding citizens.

          4. Are they so hard to register? Why would we law abiding American citizens not wish to comply with gun registration laws?

          5. If you need an answer to that question you wouldn’t understand it if it were provided. What do you think it is…the wild west? 1840? Get real.

            Think! I am beginning to suspect that you don’t do much of that.

            No offense but you indicate grave ignorance by that comment. Suggest reading Plato’s Republic.

          6. Brian, Gun registration is the prelude to confiscation. Our 1968 gun control act reads almost verbatim to Nazi Germany’s gun control act. Maybe you are the one being a little pious here. The 2nd Amendment says the people’s right to own and bare firearms is inalienable / unleinable / without condition.
            In short, what guns I have is nobody’s goddamn business.
            Tell me what other conditions would you see added to our right to bare arms? In Canada they now make the citizen leave his or her firearm with the police.
            You have to realize self governess means just that. We never trade our liberty for safety because if we do, via the theory of a thin edge of a thick wedge, we end up slaves, which those who have enslaved us are safe from because only they have the fucking guns.
            It is proven beyond a doubt that armed citizens are the number one deterant to crime. How could you possibly support a government that wants to register and regulate our firearms when you know that very same government, not only wants to enact a police state over we the people, but is in its essence a criminal organization that has been caught running guns to Mexico and trading them for drugs, which they sell here on our streets?
            And mind you, the number one reason they did this was so they could blame the American people and go after our guns.
            I hope you were just being sarcastic. If so you even got me this time. If not, I truly cannot follow your reasoning.

          7. Angel,
            I do not seek to insult you. I am simply pointing out to you a grave and glaring void in your reasoning process. If that is too much for you I will, as a courtesy, cease to respond to your posts and look forward to your doing the same since it now appears you have no clear and articulate response.

            The fact is your comment of “why should we want to or have to…etc” typifies you as an anarchist in reasoning process. Do you really need an explanation of that?

          8. It’s a complex issue but I get your line of thought. In other words…back to the primal basics.

            If you are evil and mess with me I have the ability to kill you if I have to.

            OK…I can understand that. A gun in a righteous hand will not do evil except unto evil.

            In short….no need for legislative interference.
            Agreed. End of discussion.

          9. After all…isn’t it a >bit< naive to entertain notions of the dismantling of the gun registration laws? There are ideas and there are ideals.

            Doesn't it all boil down to the core issue of human nature and behavior? There are people who will do the most horrendously unimaginable things for reasons that are unknown even to them…often even admittedly for no reason whatsoever. Who can responsibly suggest that convicted felons who have been incarcerated and released should be permitted to buy firearms? And yet how has gun regulation stopped any of these individuals from obtaining them in any form or quantity imaginable? It obviously has not. So what purpose does it actually serve?

            I suppose that was Angel's position so I apologize for having been rude which, although was done unintentionally, was impulsive and the result of not engaging brain before keyboard. You're right, Angel. In a perfect world there is no need for government regulation of anything. I personally am not holding my breath in anticipation of the appearance of such a reality.

            Isn't the issue exponentially complicated by the size of the country itself? Then add corruption in the government (which is and has been the norm since the beginning of recorded human history) to the equation and we begin to see a recipe for endlessly convoluted chaos as the society attempts to maintain order among a population so demographically complex that to try to do so becomes increasingly difficult if not actually impossible.

            I must clarify that this demographic complexity to which I refer here has little to do with racial and/or cultural diversity. I refer to psychological profile and character diversity. Now add to this the vast and worsening economic conditions and consequential increase in number of desperate individuals. Just how do you regulate something this large, dysfunctional and complex?

            I certainly don’t pretend to have any idea.

            Ever tried to untangle 100 yards of fishing line? You wind up just throwing it away or just leaving it somewhere and head off to the store for a new roll. Maybe that's where we're headed here. Who knows? Certainly not me. All I can say is God help us all….this is truly an age of madness. No wonder so many have their heads in the sand. Sometimes it's the only way to prevent a cerebral explosion…or would that be an implosion? Actually what’s the difference?

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