Romney and Huntsman have Outsourced your Jobs

We the American people know what has caused the drastic fall of our country.  And as more and more of us become awake and aware of the fact that our demise was, and continues to be, purposefully orchestrated by those who would enslave us, the elitist think tanks are working overtime to devise a strategy that will allow the status quo to finish us off.

The New Hampshire GOP primaries are coming up tomorrow following two debates over the weekend.  It has become clear that the status quo would like a presidential race featuring Barack Obama versus Mitt Romney.  So why would Mitt Romney be acceptable as the new figurehead for the international insurgency against we the people?

It has been brought up that Romney formed a company that bought American businesses and dismantled them for profit.  What the mainstream media is holding back on is the fact that when these businesses were “dismantled” they were shipped to China and India and reestablished there.  These businesses could have been restructured right here in the United States for a profit, but Romney opted on the overseas move for a greater profit.

Another candidate being pushed by the mainstream as a “good business man” is Jon Huntsman and indeed Huntsman has built a multi-billion dollar business.  Again, what is not being reported in the mainstream is that a majority of his business is in other countries.  The fact is Huntsman’s company employs grossly more people in other countries and he, like many other of the corporate elite, wants to bring down the standard of living in the United States simply to cut transportation costs for himself and the corporate elite he serves.

Newt Gingrich is a pompous international elitist who would use the power of the presidency to make our military a private international security force for the elite he would serve without question.

Rick Santorum is a war mongering neo-con lobbyist interested in nothing more than the wealth and power a presidency can bring him.

Rick Perry is too retarded to even take seriously.

Which leaves Obama and Ron Paul.

Obama has shown himself clearly as the leader of a foreign insurgency hell bent on world socialism and to say that he does not serve corporate masters is ridiculous.  Just before the 2010 midterm election, Obama handed 30 billion dollars to the bankers, interest free.

One of his biggest backers in the 2008 election, General Electric, paid zero taxes in 2010, while at the same time Obama and company was handing them billions in stimulus dollars which were used to build plants in China.

Obama has used taxpayer money to take a group of corporate CEOs to China, India, South Korea, and Indonesia for the sole purpose of moving more of our industry to those countries.  A Harley Davidson plant in India and a Caterpillar plant in China are the most recent results of this act of treason.

And of course, he not only signed an executive order giving blanket amnesty to his brother and sister invaders from the south, but signed legislation stripping we the people of our right to complain without fear of retribution from a totalitarian police state.

All of the atrocities listed in this article are up front and in our faces to the point that a vote for anyone but Ron Paul represents a vote for the completed destruction of the United States.

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  1. And the below article shows us the price China is going to pay : Give the Americans back our productivity and air pollution problems solved. You won’t eliminate them but you won’t be needlessly killing innocent people either. Manufacturing stolen from Americans must return, not only for the sake of the health of the people in China, but to restore the natural order of things. If returned to America, air pollution levels will be spread more evenly balancing things out in a far more healthy way, not only for China, but also for the rest of the world. China’s air pollution is horrible and far worse, deadly.

    (Reuters) – Air pollution levels in Hong Kong were the worst ever last year, the South China Morning Post reported on Monday, a finding that may further undermine the city’s role as an Asian financial centre as business executives relocate because of health concerns.

    Worsening air quality in Hong Kong caused by vehicle emissions and industrial pollution from the neighboring Pearl River Delta is already forcing many in the financial community to move to Singapore.

    Readings at three roadside monitoring stations in Hong Kong’s Central, Causeway Bay and Mong Kok commercial districts showed that pollution levels were above the 100 mark more than 20 percent of the time, the newspaper said, citing the city’s Environmental Protection Department.

    This was 10 times worse than in 2005, when very high readings were recorded only 2 percent of the time, it said.

    The station in Central business district, home to the Asia headquarters of global banks such as HSBC Holdings Plc and Goldman Sachs Group Inc, showed the worst figures, with excessive readings a quarter of the time, the report said.

    Hourly readings are taken at the roadside stations throughout the year on major pollutants such as respirable suspended particles and nitrogen oxides. A reading above 100 means at least one pollutant fails air quality objectives.

    Environmentalists renewed their calls for the immediate introduction of new air quality objectives, claiming that the government had deliberately delayed their introduction to ease the way for major infrastructure projects, the newspaper said.

    The department blamed the figures on unfavourable weather conditions, worsening background pollution and the number of ageing vehicles on streets.

    The newspaper quoted the government as saying a number of measures were being considered to help improve air quality, and new air quality objectives would be discussed by Hong Kong’s legislature soon.

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