13 thoughts on “Interesting Farming Technique In Santa Maria, CA – Green House Grow Tomatoes And Other Produce

  1. I’m sitting here right now loading tomatoes and other produce, cucumbers etc all grown inside these big green houses you see to the right and left. Now, this is how we need to start thinking about farming in America, hydroponics and complete control of the environment. Really awesome set up they have here.

    If you look close on the left side, you can see the tomatoe vines inside the building.

    Looks like this is a Canadian farming company, they’re flying a Canadian flag outside in front, along with ours of course.these structures go on for hundred of acres, these are only a few.

    1. Remember Mark that time you told me to “grow a pair,” that is, grow our own tomatoes and then I told you there is a tomato hydroponics place nearby,and that is where we got most of our tomatoes from? Same kinda place, only in my neck of the woods, Plus, all the workers are legals or born Americans. And you are right–we need more of this sort of thing. Not criticizing you, just letting you know that this is kind of growing is fairly common out here in far west Texas. (And we are over-wintering our tomato plants, getting tomatoes off of them, peppers too.)

      1. Wasnt just telling you, but anybody else who likes to eat DL, I’ve been doing this 20 years, this is the first location I’ve picked up from who actually gets it. Windset farms. A canadian operation for crying out loud. Americans need to get with it. Havent seen any in Texas yet, when I do, I’ll be showing all of you, count on it.

        Yes, unfortunately, even this Canadian farm, “windset” is using the enemy to facilitate their operations here, just about a 95 percent Mexican personnel, logistically.

        Blows me away…the Canadians come to the United States, set up a beautiful operation, have the enemy run the goddamn thing.

        Would love to hear more about this operation in Texas, your talking about, and see these supposed American Nationals running it. Not saying your playin me DL, but I’m doing this 20 years, nothing this size is logistically run by American Nationals, only wets. And I’ve been to Texas more times than Lindsey Olin Grahm has fantasized about Michael Jackson.

        1. You wont see any in texas until we get rid of thd mthrfkng masons…… and yes i am and have been working on it. Gonna use the usa patriot act against them by filing criminal declarattion of violation to the bor snd patriot act, then file for asset forfeiture, already notified the sheriff of my intentions ss he and all other sheriffs have abdicated their position by violating sworn oath if office. You will prolly be hearing of me in the news soon. I will be filing in the dick in charge mason…… he has a nice fancy horse farm, but not for long.

          1. Now, we are getting somewhere, this is going to be interesting, please keep us informed.

          2. I am interested in hearing about your action plan ….perhaps you would consider calling in to the broadcast to discuss it?

          3. Mary,Mark etal. I will email henry and see if he is interested in doing a brief interview. Spike Timmons interviewed me about 3.5 yrs ago. I owned diesel speed and marine…. diesel business doing about 150k a year….. until i confronted and threatened a mason by the name of william joe hutson. He is the one who murdered my daughter, allison and then burned my business and my mothers house to the ground. I got nothing to lose now…. i know how to search these masons down and i know how to put a hurt into them that they dont soon forget. This all trips back to my work at a hot rod shop in dallas that dallas commisioner john wiley price frequented. I saw bug cash deals going on between him and my landlord, one day was in face to face with him making material threats to me and my family/business

            Henry is the only other person who knows as i do, how wicked and satanic the masons are.

            Once they have you on a targeting listx your there for life, but i have developed ways of putting he terrorizing back on their arse. They really dont like it when you double down on them using their own terror campaign.

            Go to youtube and watch my one video on my daughters death…… Patrone Eljeffy on youtube

  2. The Amish near me have a few green house that’s we’re we get veggie and tomatoes from unlike most green house tomatoes they let there tomatoes turn good and red and ready to eat . They use cow manure and horse manures one more plus

  3. Hi Mark – We have these giant green house complexes all over Canada. It is the only way we can grow food when it is cold. The biggest green houses in the world are in Canada. One of the biggest is in Red Cliff AB. It is massive and provides fresh produce for us in the winter time.


    1. Great stuff Jim. For some reason, none existant to that degree here. Too many premadonas… unless we as American Nationals demand changes to the way farming is done here, we are looking like subjugated mules. Our fruit and veggies are a joke..

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