International Bailouts as Stupidity Runs Rampant in the United States

Acting in defiance of the majority of its citizens, the democratic socialist country of Greece has voted in further austerity measures to pay for more loans they have taken out to bail out the international banksters in Greece.  The Greek people are showing themselves to be completely selfish as they riot in the streets in protests of losing the measly amount of $7000 per worker per year, bringing up images of the protesters on Wall Street, sniveling and crying just because they have no jobs.

Well it is time somebody said it.  It is the people’s fault that this international economic crisis has occurred.  We are too damn greedy.  Can’t people see the arrogance in thinking they have the right to eat meat two times a week when the bankers are only making record profits?

I heard some people talking on the radio the other day raising holy hell because those goddamn welfare people were sucking them dry.  See, these people work for a living and they are sick and tired of these damnable poor people taking all of their money.  And they have about had enough of these goddamn hippies down on Wall Street who are there for no other reason than they are just too lazy to work.  And they are also sick and tired of people blaming the corporations and the banks for this economic crisis.

I’m not joking, I actually heard a couple of assholes saying these things.  These pathetic mush minded morons actually still worship the rich, I guess operating under some delusion that if the poor didn’t get welfare, they too could be rich.  These poor pathetic neo-con wannabes evidently do not know that the majority of the welfare monies go into the pockets of those rich folks, whose asses they are lining up to kiss:  Ranch/farm subsidies, stimulus for green energy corporations, stimulus for the oil industry, stimulus for the auto industry, and tax incentives for all the filthy rich who are willing to move their operations out of our country.

I hope you are reading this as I am way past sick of living with your stupidity.  These are the people who agree with Rick Perry who wants access to our as of yet untapped oil so he and his fat cat international buddies can take control of yet another one of our resources, which they can procure for nothing and then turn around and sell it back to us for top dollar on the international market.

All you stupid ass morons out there listen up.  You are a blight on the ass of reality and if there is a God, your genes will be removed from the pool as a result of the revolution.  Understand; it is your stupidity that has caused 90% of our wealth to be going to the top 1% and that that welfare you are bitching about represents only a minute percentage of the 10% that the rest of us are left to exist on.

I know it is some tough math, all that multiplying and dividing, but if you find yourself scratching your head and saying what the hell is he talking about, maybe you ought to go purchase a third grade math book and find out what you’ve been missing.

The hardest part of listening to these two jerks was hearing them identify themselves as patriots backing Ron Paul.  So what do you think, freedom and liberty is the freedom to be blatantly stupid and the liberty to have your stupidity forced upon those who know better?  You put down the protesters on Wall Street from your little town in Idaho.  You criticize the few who are trying to do something.  Well tell me, what the hell are you doing?  Oh yeah, that’s right, you are going to vote for Ron Paul; you don’t know why, but by God you are a patriot.

I’m here to tell you in spite of your high opinion of your self-serving arrogant selves, you are the problem, not the solution.  And how do I know this?  Well it is simple math, one stupid son of a bitch plus one stupid son of a bitch equals two stupid sons of bitches.  I suggest if you want to run your mouths any further, you take pause and get yourself at least just a little bit educated, because the rest of us are sick and tired of living with the decisions of damn fools.

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

0 thoughts on “International Bailouts as Stupidity Runs Rampant in the United States

    1. Oh yeah…that’s just great! If this crap isn’t being purposely engineered the leadership involved is clinically retarded. Man! This one real serious situation. Whoopie!

  1. Brian,we should no longer sensetively use words like “retarded”since to do so would single out people who are retarded.I believe the word”retarded” means slow.As in slow to catch on.I believe that debasement of a language is far more dangerous than the use and understanding of one.I further believe there are a growing number who realize that the rest are only retarded.I’ve been on Obama sites all day.It’s refreshing to come home.

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