0 thoughts on “Ron Paul "The Drone War Is Illegal! Why Do You Think People Hate Us? We Kill Innocent People!"

  1. Uh oh! Sumbahdy be tellin’ da truuf….dat don’ be legal no mo’!

    What next? “The Emperor is Naked”? ….”I can’t see the gold threads?”

    This is most disconcerting.

  2. And these words have meaning behind them.We see the children in their parents arms with limbs severed,alive but awaiting death.Other children orphaned,terrified while awaiting death or slavery.I’m tired of people chanting “U.S.A.”Murder is not a proud profession.You will find yourseves chanting inside the sovereign borders of your local fema fence,placed there by your political heroes.And I am not about to waste any bullets breaking you out.

    1. Yes, Carl. Your words form a powerful image. It is beyond heartbreaking to see what we have come to. It is devastating to the human spirit. It leaves me growing ever more despondent and disgusted with my own species. All my life I have felt that ultimately we stood for something positive. I felt that my own circumstances could be improved by way of my own will. fortitude, and abilities. I now feel that this was an illusion and I struggle now to find substance, direction and purpose. I feel betrayed and defeated. It seems that the pursuit of wealth and its power is the only endeavor to which humanity aspires or even should aspire. Since this never interested me without a purpose behind it that was larger than myself I am forced to question the very core of my own driving force. So Machiavelli was right? That you have power or it has you? That’s the long and short of it? If so we are empty shells of men without substance or nobility of any kind. So it’s actually “To be [rich] or not to be [rich]? I find this conclusion to form a paralyzing and empty perception of reality. Reminds of the song “Is That All There Is?”

      There was a writer named Samantha on the site Henry used to write for. She used the phrase “crabs in a barrel”. I didn’t really get it back then. I think I do now…as I find myself near the very bottom of it being buried and suffocated by “legislation” over which I have no influence of any kind. I have always been a law abiding member of society with confidence in and respect for law and order. I now live in irrational and diffused fear even though I have never done nor would I ever do anything to warrant that fear. I cannot help but wonder how many feel the same.

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