Introducing ISE Media Network!

Premiered 14 hours ago ISE Network is a 24-hour news and entertainment streaming platform built with blockchain technology in response to the widespread systematic censorship of independent media by corporate media giants like Google, Apple, Youtube, Facebook, etc. This platform was conceived by Emmy Award winning journalist and freedom activist Ben Swann. Ben has a reputation for honest and fearless journalism, accumulating hundreds of millions of views for his content through his company Truth in Media. ISE Network will be a hub for independent media, providing channels for media outlets that have been decimated by the “big tech purge,” as well as creating new original content and providing opportunities for independent content creators to obtain funding to produce their material. All content will be permanently recorded on the ISE blockchain, making it free from censorship and deletion. Content creators and network users will be rewarded with cryptocurrency for uploading and engaging in content.

6 thoughts on “Introducing ISE Media Network!

  1. I believe this will be the social media platform of platforms. Ben has proved himself over the yrs. to be straight up honest in his dealings.

    I’m looking forward to this coming on line soon.

  2. Wondering if books/novels will be able to be platformed as well. I am converting (re-typing) my two printed novels (see ad at side) into e-books, but I do NOT trust Amazon Kindle–their payout is worse than peanuts and a number of indie authors have had their works stolen or copyright infringed already.

    But anything to turn the tables on tech giant bad kharma is a good thing.

  3. Hope is a live , this would be nice if this could in time replace facecrap and other site like them . Then maybe we could see markie an others living in a tent city

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