Iowans Step Up to the Battle Line

Iowans, you are up.  It is time to go forth and do.  It is time to show the international elite that we the American people of the American race are not going to be denied our right to our Republic under our Constitution.  Today patriotic Iowans are going to shove the fraudulent corporate opinion polls so far down the throats of the corporate owned propagandists, that there is going to be no doubt as to extent of the rejection of the propaganda machine that has been herding the people of the United States down the status quo path to slavery for the past fifty years.

Iowans, when you go forth to caucus, do so with your hearts filled with defiance for the status quo insurgent government that just finished passing legislation through our House and Senate that removes we the people’s Bill of Rights from the United States Constitution.  Know without question that the dictator Obama has signed this legislation and that we must all stand in defiance to put down this insurgency and restore our Republic under our Constitution with the people’s rights restored therein.

Without our Bill of Rights we the people can no longer pretend we control our government to the smallest measure.  We are in fact reduced to a state of servitude to the illegitimate totalitarian dictatorship that has been heaping and will continue to heap tyranny upon us until the last spark of liberty is extinguished.

Iowans, today you are taking the first step either toward a peaceful restitution of our Republic and Constitution, or a full blown revolution wherein many will die.  In the end we are going to have our country back, but I’m sure we can all agree that if this feat can be accomplished peaceably, to do otherwise would be insane.

To you Iowans who will caucus for Dr. Ron Paul today I tell you we the patriotic Americans throughout this country stand in solidarity as one with you.  If our enemies try to steal your vote, we will all come down on them like the wrath of God Himself.

Today our people in Iowa converge on the battle line to face our enemies and show them that this country belongs to we the people and those who serve in our government do so at our leave.  And if the insurgents within try to use force or duplicity to counter our will, they will be destroyed utterly.

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

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  1. Good Morning, Thank you In advance to all the Iowans who are putting their vote in today for Ron Paul! I too am wishing for a peaceful revolution in this New Year, This is moment we’ve been waiting for! Lets get started, Lets show the nation and the world the We the American People will not be fooled again!! “RON PAUL REVOLUTION 2012”!

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