Iran rejects Canada’s claim about terror suspects’s links

Iran’s Foreign Ministry Spokesman Ramin Mehmanparast Press TV

Iran has strongly rejected a recent claim by the Canadian government over alleged links between the suspects in a foiled terrorist attack in Canada and Tehran.

Canada said on Monday that its police had arrested two ‘foreign nationals’ who were planning to derail a VIA passenger train traveling between Toronto and New York, claiming that the suspects had links to “al-Qaeda elements inside Iran.”   

In his weekly press conference in Tehran on Tuesday, Iran’s Foreign Ministry Spokesman Ramin Mehmanparast rejected the unfounded allegation, saying, “Al-Qaeda’s mindset is by no means congruent with [the ideology of] the Islamic Republic of Iran,” Mehmanparast stated.

He also noted that Canada has even failed to provide any reliable evidence on the suspects claimed to have been detained in relation to the case.

The Iranian official said Tehran was opposed to any type of terrorist act that jeopardized the lives of people.

Mehmanparast dismissed Canada’s allegation as part of its Iranophobia campaign.

“The Islamic Republic of Iran is the biggest victim of terrorism, but the extremist administration of Canada has put Iranophobia on its agenda over the recent years,” the Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman said.

Mehmanparast also slammed the West’s double standards in dealing with terrorism, calling on the Western countries, particularly Canada, to stop supporting terrorist activities in the world, specifically in Syria.


2 thoughts on “Iran rejects Canada’s claim about terror suspects’s links

  1. Ah yes, the Al Qaeda that is apparently murdering our brave soldiers in Afghanistan, the same Al Qaeda that helped NATO overthrow Gaddafi in Libya, the same Al Qaeda that is committing atrocity in the name of the west in Syria, what surprises me is that the man in the street actually buys these horseshit sandwiches served fresh by the US and UK and eats them up whole without a thought.

    And the pathetic thing is that they will use time and again the same lies, over and over again, is it that long ago that they said the same about Saddam Hussein, the same Saddam Hussein who according to Bush was the salvation of Al Qaeda whilst omitting that Saddam had actually outlawed on penalty of death any participation or support for Al Qaeda in Iraq because the Americans had told Saddam that Al Qaeda was the tool of Iran and sought to use it to overthrow him.

    How little Saddam heeded his peril, focusing as the rest of us does these bands of phantom people who seem to be evil one day, the next our best friends, Iran has also outlawed Al Qaeda but now Canada comes along and heralds these brand new bogeymen as the bestest friends of Iran who want to murder us all in our beds.

    Keep on munching on them horseshit sandwiches folks, you are expected to be grateful for them too.

  2. kosher Canada is a stooge of United States. Harper is part Jewish. Shame on Canada.It is a big lie to put the fear into canadians. Canada being multi national,the next big flag operation will be done on Toronto– hundreds of thousads dead, falsely pinned on Iran. NATO will come in play for final kill. Media ranting–innocent Canada–Iranians monsters. Any bets?.

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