IRS Faces Lawsuit After Stealing 60 Million Medical Records

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The IRS is facing a lawsuit after stealing 60 million medical records from 10 million patients.
Healthcare IT News reported:

The Internal Revenue Service is now facing a class action lawsuit over allegations that it improperly accessed and stole the health records of some 10 million Americans, including medical records of all California state judges.  

According to a report by, an unnamed HIPAA-covered entity in California is suing the IRS, alleging that some 60 million medical records from 10 million patients were stolen by 15 IRS agents. The personal health information seized on March 11, 2011, included psychological counseling, gynecological counseling, sexual/drug treatment and other medical treatment data.

“This is an action involving the corruption and abuse of power by several Internal Revenue Service agents,” the complaint reads. “No search warrant authorized the seizure of these records; no subpoena authorized the seizure of these records; none of the 10,000,000 Americans were under any kind of known criminal or civil investigation and their medical records had no relevance whatsoever to the IRS search. IT personnel at the scene, a HIPPA facility warning on the building and the IT portion of the searched premises, and the company executives each warned the IRS agents of these privileged records,” it continued.

According to the case, the IRS agents had a search warrant for financial data pertaining to a former employee of the John Doe company, however, “it did not authorize any seizure of any healthcare or medical record of any persons, least of all third parties completely unrelated to the matter,” the complaint read.

The lawsuit is seeking punitive damages for constitutional violations, as well as $25,000 “per violation per individual” in compensatory damages. Those damages could start at a minimum total of $250 billion.

3 thoughts on “IRS Faces Lawsuit After Stealing 60 Million Medical Records

  1. Maybe the IRS scandal will finally focus attention on this little discussed aspect of healthcare “reform.” Legally protected, confidential medical records are being put into databases. The power to access these records will be abused, which has already happened as this incident proves. Furthermore, these records will be held by private companies in India. There was absolutely no good reason to include such an assault on our privacy in the name of controlling healthcare costs, especially when cost control is the one thing they didn’t do.

  2. Being that the IRS is the collection and enforcement corporation for the fraudulent and usurious Rothschild central banks, my guess is that the medical records were stolen for the embarrassing info that can be used to blackmail state officials, including any California state judges not yet compromised (though I have my doubts that there are any upstanding judges left in California).

  3. It only took 15 irresponsible repugnant sumbch agents to steal 60 million medical records? They must have been raking in the overtime……

    So, who exactly are they suing? The 15 expendables? The medical agencies that turned the information over? The HIPPA facilities? The tax payers in the end (no pun intended)?

    I would guess this would have kept going on had the information not been used on/against a high profile person or three. The average Joe would never know, even if we thought we knew no one would take us seriously, let alone act on our behalf.

    How much are the punitive damages? What amount of that will be paid to each “damaged”? As well as the $25,000.00 “per violation, per individual” in compensatory damages? How much to the class action “at turn”ies (<TY for defininition Henry :)? How much back to the gov.?

    Of the class action suits I have seen, (one that involved my past client) letter by mail stating client had used a medicine or medical device which there was a class action suit pending for billions of dollars. I contacted clients at turny, he said "Go ahead and fill it out, probably won't result in much." I did client received a check sometime later for $35 ………….A paltry sum for a pharma co. that killed many people from their untested FDA approved product………I could go on abt pharma but you guys already know………………

    This matter and the Patriot/Tea Party/religious irs criminal activities, along with The Gun Grabbing, Benghazi, and AP tapping, false flags, GMO's, Vaccine enforcement, chemtrails, CORE curr., FEMA Regions, to mention just a few……all makes for living in interesting times in amerika, to say the least. "Veddy intarrrresting"< Sgt. Shultz?

    The corruption, will soon be an eruption.
    Ready as I'll ever be 🙂

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