Is NAFTA Being Used As A Vehicle To Support The Enemy?

I don’t give a rat’s ass what anybody is telling us about NAFTA, these are loads coming from South America, why isn’t every damn one of them being thoroughly searched? I’m talking about doors open, load searched for personnel, weapons or any other kind of support that could easily be brought into America.

As a driver myself for over 12 years now, I’ve NEVER been searched, I mean doors open, load searched, not just waived through, like I have been for over twelve years. All they do is look at the paper work, give you the waive, and get back to the doughnuts and coffee. Sure they have the supposed super duper radar that is supposed to see through the walls of the trailer and see a picture of what’s inside, but this doesn’t mean squat, to me a proper search is open doors, moving around things and taking a good look. 

Some trailers are dropped in yards across the border, these are coming directly from Mexico by Mexican drivers, sit there until another driver is ready to hook onto it and drive off into the sunset with the load. Why aren’t these trailers being searched? Other loads are picked up after they are unloaded at distribution centers near the border, and immediately reloaded for destinations north, same driver, we never see what’s being loaded because we stay inside the truck as they are being unloaded and reloaded.

We are normally so damn tired, getting into the facilities is the last thing we want to do, we crawl back into the sleeper and nap, one of the rare times we have to do this. Most of the time we aren’t allowed into the facility. Many times the facility is kept at near freezing temperatures as we are picking up frozen products requiring us to keep our trailers at freezing temps, perfect for hiding equipment that can handle freezing temps, ammo, guns etc, as long as they are packaged correctly. The personnel who are loading us at these border facilities are Mexican 99.999 percent of the time. The personnel loading these trucks are dressed in clothing like you would see a mountain climber wear as he is scaling Mount Everest.

There is so much opportunity to load these trucks with enemy support that it would make you all sick to your stomachs. I’ve never seen any of our military, or anybody else for that matter efficiently search a truck, sure we read about it when it comes to “The OCCASIONAL” truck found with 40 or 50 people crammed inside, half dead from exposure, but I can guarantee you, another 200 trucks were just waived off. Drugs are also “OCCASIONALLY” found, but that is a joke as well.

7 thoughts on “Is NAFTA Being Used As A Vehicle To Support The Enemy?

  1. Do you think if Russia had a NAFTA, The would just waive off the truck without being searched? Or any other country that was concerned about their people or their borders?

    I just can’t believe how punked the American people have become, so busy chasing the mammon, logical thinking has disappeared.

    1. Definitely! a lot of bad shit can be stashed in A 45 foot van trailer stuffed with “items”
      Let alone the Tractor

      1. Exactly EOTS,

        You can hide a couple of machine guns easily at the bottom of the trailer, outside strapped underneath, these areas are missed, always. The only possible time these areas are ever looked at is when your pulled in for a brake check inspection, which I’ve only had two in my 12 year career, if the truck looks “new” they give you the wave off.

        I could go on forever, I know you hold a CDL you know what the hell im talking about.

        1. I drove for 5 or so years
          now own a Construction Co still keep my CDL do drive occasionally
          with 2 “City Tractors” ( no sleepers just cab),
          they are older units but very low miles
          hell my beauty queen (Pete 359 only has 211,000 on the clock) I could hide shit all over my flat beds or even the tractors

          what I laugh my ass off at is when i roll into a protected job site where they check underneath the rig with a mirror

          Like the bomb is going to have the word “bomb” printed on it
          these part time pig schmucks dont even know what they are looking for or at
          and at night sometimes
          it comical , yet scaary as Fck! that they dont really know their job and at 10$ an hour its no surprise

          I had a Driver making a drop to me the other day said he got stopped at the Weigh Station because his truck “looked too nice for him ” ( yup the pig actually said that)
          they began to question him how he has the money to own something this nice ..(it was nice)
          so they began to pull the diamond plate off the top of his frame rails in front of the 5th wheel
          than got the dogs out.. delayed for 3 hours .. found nothing fuked up a nice frame box

          I stayed open for the guy ,because of the shit he went through

          he basically said ..I aint coming back to your angry pig state ever again
          cant blame him

          shits outa control

          Be safe out there

  2. It’s never ending with the Gestapo

    I had those Train horns on my Pete
    Ended up taking them off after a year or so

    I’m actually surprised the pigs haven’t lobbied to have them outlawed
    They might scare a pig awake in his cruiser and he would “fear for his life”
    You know what happens than

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