3 thoughts on “Is Vladimir Putin the mastermind behind Russia’s global web of poisoning?

  1. Putin has twice as much money as Gates, and hes never had a job. This guy is brutal. When he touches you, it fkg hurts.

    This world of ours is fkd up man, time to sweep the place out.

    1. Yup evil just passed a law that keeps him in power for another 16 years

      Why is it that we just can’t get rid of the scum ? Even our own scum
      They just never die or go away
      Nancy Pelosi
      Chuck Schumer
      Hillary Clinton
      The Obama’s
      Etc , the list goes on and on

      1. Good job, brother, but you are only putting the blame on the marxists and the bolsheviks, so I add to your list:
        the corporate communists
        the Trump dynasty
        the Bush dynasty
        and that treasonous son of a bitch Ronald Reagan who assisted the last invaders by granting them amnesty in violation of our law.
        Just want to keep an even keel. 🙂

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