Israel Attacks Syrian Capital for Third Time in a Week

Anti-War – by Jason Ditz

For the third time since Friday, Israel has launched missile attacks against the Syrian capital of Damascus. There had been a brief period without attacks. Now Israel seems to be re-escalating, though as usual they are providing no reason. 

Today’s attack mirrored the others, with locals reporting explosions, and some damage caused, and state media saying Syria had intercepted a number of the missiles fired.

As with Friday’s attack, there is no word of any casualties, though it isn’t unusual for casualties to only be reported days later. Monday’s strikes saw a Syrian soldier wounded, but again mostly just damage.

It’s not clear why Israel’s attacks are so intermittent on Syria, as they’ve been attacking for years but will sometimes go for a span  with no strikes at all. Israel claims neutrality on the Syrian War, but only ever attacks the government.


3 thoughts on “Israel Attacks Syrian Capital for Third Time in a Week

  1. Re: “Now Israel seems to be re-escalating, though as usual they are providing no reason.”

    Could be Israel knows everybody knows of its Greater Israel Project and so finds it unnecessary to define its reasoning. And of course, part of the mission is to keep the region unstable and to rattle anything that might get in the way of that mission. And we know petroleum plays no small role, as do water wars.

    War, war, and more war, the unjust variety, ever stealing from the people, ever ruining life. And then there is the just war, when the people have had ‘just’ about enough and they dutifully fight back: the precipice we now stand on.

    The other war is against ignorance and stupidity. I can’t believe the circus that is happening right now regarding upcoming voting and elections. It’s a true frenzy of trying to keep that facade in place, legitimizing it to endure as something of value, something giving voice to individuals, when it is nothing but a GRAND DECEPTION!!! Vote!! For tyranny. Vote!! For your oppressor. Vote!! For communism, fascism, slavery, extortion, death.

    Bill of rights, standing like a most capable and generous grandparent, always there for us to end all this horror and make life work again. And it’s we who must do the work, and the work is to fight, to remove those who trample our rights and then reclaim those rights through our Bill of Rights. Seems to be the only ‘war’ worth fighting.


  2. Look at the latest cr@p that’s going on in Iran right at the moment too & you just know Israel is involved in that destabilization effort as well. Now you have Iranian liberals calling for the theocracy to be replaced by democracy. As bad as a theocracy is, “democracy” would be WAY worse as Israel’s people would be all over everything like flies on sh1t just like they are in our nations. FTJ!!!

  3. But of course that’s ok as long as you don’t make any anti-Semitic remarks about them like Kanye. The whole anti-Semitic thing is probably just a distraction anyways so no one will notice or hear about them attacking Syria.

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