6 thoughts on “Israel belongs to the Rothschilds

  1. One interesting point (something I suspected but didn’t actually know)…most atheists and many others claim that the Hyksos, not the Israelites, were kicked out of Egypt…video says Hyksos were called something sounding like Hebrews by the Egyptians, which means that the Hyksos WERE the Israelites, which is what I suspected.

    And another thing: the Palestinians are NOT Canaanites, because Palestinians are Semites (according to ElHaik and others who have studied DNA)…Canaanites are Hamitic, not Semitic! The Palestinians are more likely to be the descendants of the sons of Ishmael and the concubine Keturah (such as the Midianites), mixed with Philistine blood (Hamitic). As for the “Jews”…you know, Khazars, that is, Japethic…

    1. Hebrews were descended from Jacob (Israel). The jews (of Jesus’ time, anyway) were descended from Esau, through his Canaanite wives. Hebrews were “God’s chosen”, NOT the jews, as they falsely claim.

      Two different races.

  2. This must be an old doc. They never mentioned the recent confirmation by an Israeli historian and genetic scientist that modern Jews are not descendants of Hebrews.

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