“Not in Our Name”: Jews Stage Massive Anti-War Protests

new york rallyBefore it’s News

A huge anti-war protest is being held tonight by Israeli Jews in Tel Aviv.
(Jews and Palestinians have been holding anti-war protests throughout Israel, but the mainstream media has refused to cover them.)

Jews also protested the Gaza war in New York City yesterday:

45,000 Gather In London To Protest Israeli Action In Gaza

Tens of thousands of people amassed outside the Israeli embassy in London today to protest against Israel’s incursion into Gaza which has killed over 1000 Palestinians, including at least 192 children.   


6 thoughts on ““Not in Our Name”: Jews Stage Massive Anti-War Protests

  1. I just have to say that if people don’t know that the Zionist Jews control the media by now after all of this, then they completely need help. Even the regular Jews are against them and the Zionist/MSM refuses to cover their protests. And Alex Jones who still believes that “Hollywood is controlled by the Arabs”, needs to take his fat ass on a long walk off a short pier.

  2. The “regular” jews need to do some house cleaning. failure to do so will be seen as Collusion. Time to step up you regulars

  3. As to the Israeli Jew protest, it’s too little, too late. It’s beyond me how any of them can think a march and some protest signs (conveniently coinciding following world condemnation) will mitigate any of their collective guilt for the horrific atrocities and murders committed by their sons, daughters, military and government. And 1 year from now, without a thought given to the genocide committed by them against Palestinians, they’ll apartment shop at new developments raised from the ashes of the bombed-out Palestinian neighborhoods.

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