Israel Preparing for Armageddon / WW3 On The Eve of Yom Kippur

Gerald Celente Channel  The Israeli military has been practicing for what many fear is the inevitable – a confrontation with Iran. Israel is ready to attack with or without U.S. support. China and Russia for some time have been training in joint military exercises, at the same time despite propaganda otherwise, both China and Russia have continued to warn the US-Gov against attacking Iran. Should (either) the Zionist State of Israel (or) the US-Gov attack Iran, it will certainly begin WWIII. Despite the secret cavernous-cities belowground beginning in the South-Western portion in America, these in WWIII would be the deepest graves in the world.

13 thoughts on “Israel Preparing for Armageddon / WW3 On The Eve of Yom Kippur

  1. I don’t believe WW3 will start if America pitches in to help Israel. The reason I say this is simply just knowing that no one will win. When the Big 3 starts, the only winners will be the cock roaches, nothing kills those little critters, not just that, when you start thinking about Nuclear war, you also know that there will only be contamination throughout the World, there is nothing good about that.

  2. “The Israeli military has been practicing for what many fear is the inevitable – a confrontation with Iran.”

    They damn well better practice. Those POS sorry punk@ss cowardly b#tch Zionist so-called ‘Jews’ have been using OUR military to do all their fighting for them for decades. It’s about time they go out and get themselves killed off instead!

    “Israel is ready to attack with or without U.S. support.”

    I say WITHOUT!!!

    Eat sh#t and die, Israel!!!

    (sorry, I’m NOT in a very forgiving mood today)

    1. Amen! Could not have said it better myself! In my opinion, Israel is a malignant cancerous hemorrhoid on the face of humanity. Only radical surgery and some kind of therapy will remove it as it has started to metastasize.

  3. The Israeli’s are extremely determined to defeat Iran, even if it means killing the last Goyim (they call us “cattle”) in the US!

  4. But the problem REMAINS as I’ve always said Israhell can destroy the US before NOON and I stick with this conclusion they have everything they needed already on US soil!

  5. Russia and China have warned America many, many time that if Israel OR America attacks Iran they will retaliate. When Russia sent it`s ships to the Mideast they made a short stop in Cuba and placed 24 maneuverable nukes (meaning they wobble around making them almost impossible to bring down) over there. Just who do you think those are aimed at? This war will not stay in some foreign country, it will also be on American soil. America should be pulling all of it`s troops out of the Mideast to show Russia that we are against WW3. If Israel wants to commit suicide let them. With one hydrogen bomb from China or Russia there will be no more Israel. The nuclear capability of Russia and China together is 18.5% more than America alone has. With a nuclear WW3 nobody wins and everybody losses. If America starts pulling out of the Mideast Israel will realize they can not win. The only reason they talk so much sh!t in the first place is because they think America will fight for them and they can sit back and watch.

  6. In a WW3 there will be a winner, the bankers. The purpose of war
    is to destroy the fruits of human labor periodically to insure enough
    debt to rebuild for the bankers to rule the world. This is why the
    prosperous and debt free countries of the middle east are being
    destroyed, so that when the United States is destroyed the bankers
    will have no “hold outs” for their private central banks..”Give me control
    of a nations money and I care not who makes it’s laws” Mayer Rothschild.

  7. phil schneider was saying theres over 170 deep underground bases in the US before he got whacked. apparently they are 4 miles underground and connected by mach 2 bullet trains. our wonderful “elite”.. ehem.. can get to them in 5 minutes via high speed elevators.

    you should see some of the pics on the net. some of them have navy ships in them theyre huge like something out of mordor. anyway how much says the elite dont want to go to jail for all their crimes and rather hunker down in their bunkers while false flagging us with our own nukes?

    1. I have a dvd titled “The Underground Lectures of Commander X” that has photos from inside one of the DUMB’s, (DEEP Underground Military Bases) smuggled out by a security guard.

      They exist.

  8. Unless one reads the Talmud it’s hard to understand why the Jews despise mankind. They believe themselves to be Gods on earth, believing that the whole world is theirs alone. When the fake Christian churches went along and proclaimed to us that they are indeed the ” chosen people ” all sanity evaporated, it gave them the green light to lead the world into armageddon.

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