Israeli Media: North Korea Has Super EMP Weapon That Can Knockout The Entire US

Before It’s News – by Mort Amsel

“In 2011, the Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency, Lt. General Ronald Burgess, testified before the Senate Armed Services Committee that North Korea has weaponized its nuclear device into warheads for ballistic missiles. In 2009, European intelligence agencies headquartered in Brussels and supporting NATO concluded that North Korea has armed with nuclear warheads its Nodong missiles capable of striking Japan. The CIA’s top East Asia analyst publicly stated that North Korea had successfully miniaturized nuclear warheads for missile delivery in a 2008 interview.

In fact, almost certainly, North Korea now possesses a highly advanced third generation nuclear warhead that could destroy the United States with a single blow.

In 2004, the Russian generals told the EMP Commission that North Korea was getting help developing a Super-EMP nuclear weapon from contractors from Russia, China, Pakistan and elsewhere, and could probably test such a weapon “in a few years.” A few years later, in 2006, North Korea tested its mysterious “nuclear device” that produced an explosive yield of only several kilotons, and so was derided by the Western press as a failure–but hailed as a success by North Korea.

Independently of the Congressional EMP Commission, South Korean military intelligence several times warned their government, in stories reported in South Korean press, that Russians are in North Korea helping them develop a Super-EMP nuclear warhead.”

They are about to scrap the armistce too, im assuming as the 2nd wave of fierce attack by the north korean state or whatever they said they weregoing to do.  Perhaps the last is this EMP weapon?  Even if not over the US, they could indirectly and directly hurt us with attacks on say South Korea or Japan.  Not only would that devastate them but us and probably the world economy.  -Mort

7 thoughts on “Israeli Media: North Korea Has Super EMP Weapon That Can Knockout The Entire US

  1. My Fellow Patriots:

    More Bull.

    First off,.. our nations grid is divided into three major divisions, meaning if one part goes down, the other two are not effected.

    2nd, any radiation type weapon, gamma ray (as in nuclear), or EMF has a limiting characteristic which is,.. The field strength of the EMP pulse is inversely proportional to the square of the distance, or

    EMF Pulse = 1 / d^2

    What does that mean?


    If your 1 foot away from an EMF Source at a filed strength of say 1 unit, then its 1/1^2 = 1 (1 over 1 sqaured equals 1)

    But now lets move two feet away:

    EMF = 1/2^2 = 1/4 , in other words, I doubled the distance, but the field strength drop to a quarter.

    Now lets go to three feet:

    EMF = 1/3^2 = 1/9, meaning I am now at triple the distance, but only have a field strength of 1/9th!

    Lets do one more at four feet:

    EMF = 1/4^2 = 1/16

    I’m at four times the distance of my orignal index (1 foot in this case), and the EMF filed strength has already dropped to 1/16th!

    You can see what will happen when you start to calculate this over miles.

    EMP weapons will work, especially over citiy areas where you have very complex electromagnetic systems in a very congested pattern, but this requires setting one of these off over the city to take it out, or at least over the power production centers to burn them out.

    Just how many of these does anyone believe North Korea or any other state will be able to drop on us before we turn that part of the world into a smoking ashtray?,… one, two?,… three on the outside?

    So lets see the tactical logic of this,.. they are going to drop something on us that burns out our power systems, when our response will be to eliminate all signs of life on their part of the planet,…hmmmm,… that don’t sound like a sound military strategy to me, or anyone else I’m sure.

    JD – US Marines – If someone is going to attack this country,.. they better be trying to extinguish all life here, because that is exactly what will be doing to them in reply.

    1. “My Fellow Patriots:

      More Bull.”

      I think that’s why they started the title with “Israeli Media”, JD – as a disclaimer.

      That’s how I took it.

      1. Hi ufl,

        Altitude gives a wider distribution pattern, but also increases the distance from point of detonation, to the point of EMF grid induction.

        The higher the burst, the wider the distribution pattern, but the weaker the EMF pulse by time it gets to ground level (see above for explanation for the property of Inverse Distance Relationship),

        As a further consideration, the higher the airburst, the more likely it was delivered by a Trans-atmospheric delivery system, meaning some sort of ICBM.

        Unless they have a Fast-Burn Launch System, it will take approx 22 minutes from launch to detonation after re-entering the atmosphere, assuming a Tropospheric burst mode.

        In that time, we will have reduced North Korea to a smoldering depression of land mass which will be devoid of any suggestion that life once existed there, and will be incapable of supporting any type of higher life forms for at least a hundred years or so.

        In the parlance of of even the most wild gambler,.. this would be a really,.. “bad bet”.


        1. “In that time, we will have reduced North Korea to a smoldering depression of land mass which will be devoid of any suggestion that life once existed there, and will be incapable of supporting any type of higher life forms for at least a hundred years or so.”

          Not unless, Emperor Obama, under presidential orders, grounded the troops to make sure that the EMP happened. I wouldn’t put it passed him to do it, either. Like another Dick Cheney move with the attack on the Pentagon during 9/11 and telling the military to stand down from the incoming threat that was about to hit them.

          Just thinking outside the box here, JD.

          1. Hi NC,

            Your right.

            My evaluation was merely to state what we are capable of doing, not what might be allowed to occur to fit the political agenda needs of the moment, which is a more complicated equation to evaluate/discuss.

            American Reply: We may retaliate instantly,… all the way to do nothing and leave ourselves wide open, as was done with 9/11, Oaklahoma, Benghazi and other orchestrated events.

            God help us NC,.. the traitors are in the henhouse.

  2. The Zionists must be getting desperate for a war if this is the kind of pathetic bullshit they are dishing out these days. I was almost laughing my ass off after reading this title. I’m sure North Korea also has a few golden bridges to sell to Dennis Rodman, too. What a joke.

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