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Former Pope Arrest Warrants Issued

Before It’s News – by Deborah Dupre

The former pope along and 29 other officials of church and state, including the Queen of England, convicted last week of committing and concealing Crimes against Humanity in Canada, defied a lawful Court Order and now face immediate arrest, according to The International Common Law Court of Justice and the International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State.

Tuesday, The International Common Law Court of Justice has issued an International Citizens Arrest Warrant, of one year duration, that authorizes detaining and imprisoning thirty “fugitives” from justice under the terms of the Court Verdict of February 25, 2013, according to a statement released by the International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State (ITCCS).

The Court and its sponsor ITCCS are issuing Public Notices today in fifteen countries declaring thirty “wanted criminals who pose a Clear and Present Danger to children and citizens,” and asking for help of other governments and citizens to detain them.

A copy of the entire stamped and sealed Citizens Arrest Warrant was emailed with the statement. The front of the warrant is sopied below.

“The public seizure of property and assets of the guilty parties and their organizations will also commence today, in Canada, the United States, England and Italy, in accordance with the Court Order,” the statement says.

The “fugitive criminals” included in the statement are listed as: Catholic, Anglican and United Church officers in Canada, corporate and RCMP officials, and the Canadian Prime Minister, Stephen Harper and also include former Pope Joseph Ratzinger, three top Cardinals in Vatican City, head of the Jesuit Order, Queen of England and Archbishop of Canterbury.

“These convicted felons can hide all they want, but their church property can’t” said Calvin Hodges, a Common Law Court Peace Officer in Canada who will lead church occupations there.

“We’ve declared them Public Enemies for killing thousands of Indian children, protecting child rapists, and covering up their filth. If we can’t arrest them right away, then we’ll ban them and these churches from our communities.”

Tuesday, the Citizen Arrest Warrant is being issued to local Citizen Action groups, authorizing them to arrest the Thirty and seize their property, according to the statement.

“Local regular police authorities in Canada, England, the United States and Italy have been formally asked by the Court to cooperate in enforcing its Order.”

Occupy Churches

The occupation of churches is slated to continue indefinitely and involve an International Week of Reclamation leading to Easter Sunday, between March 24 and 31, 2013.

ITCCS says on its website that abuse, trafficking, torture and murder of children appears endemic to European culture. Furthermore, these abuses continue to be actively practiced, and condoned and protected, by church, state, judicial and police forces around the globe, ITCCS says.

“These same institutions are equally responsible for the historic genocide of indigenous peoples at the hands of European Christendom: an enormous crime against humanity which has never stopped, and continues to ravage and destroy the innocent and the earth.

“Because these crimes have emerged from within the heart and laws of so-called western civilization, they have not faced judgment or accountability. We believe it is time for both.”

Rev. Kevin Annette suggests that Americans watch the video below, Let America Be America Again.

For more information and to participate, email and visit to view the International ITCCS website featuring multiple language translations at

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