Israeli Ties To Ebola Outbreak??

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The Israeli biopharmaceutical company Protalix Biotherapeutics saw an 11 percent spike in its share price amid growing Ebola concerns in the United States. Protalix, which recently went public on the New York Stock Exchange, has developed a plant-based cell expression system that could potentially be used to produce the experimental ZMapp drug. Protalix’s share price similarly rose 20 percent after the inventor of Protalix’s technology, Prof. Yoseph Shaaltiel suggested that the company’s technology could be used to create the ZMapp treatment. Protalix specializes in the development of treatments from plant-based recombinant therapeutic proteins.

In my article about the African Neurosurgeon who claims the currrent strain of ebola is not Zaire but a synthetic, lab produced strain instigated by Bill Gates, I don’t include something else the doctor is claiming..

A Case for Expulsion of Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation from Nigeria for threatening the Food Security of the People of the Federal Republic of Nigeria

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation announced a grant of $8.3 million to the Donald Danforth Plant Science Center to support the second phase of its Bio Cassava Plus project, which aims to increase the nutritional value of cassava for Kenya and Nigeria (see attached). Both of these projects use a range of crop breeding techniques, including transgenic approaches, sometimes referred to as genetic modification, or more commonly called GMOs.  The claim by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation was that, they funded a work by the Donald Danforth Plant Science Center titled “Transgenic Bio fortification of the Starchy Staple Cassava (Manihot esculenta)Generates a Novel Sink for Protein:” The authors of this paper that suggests that, cassava, a starchy tuber crop, which is a major food source in much of the developing world, could one day be turned into a food staple “capable of supplying inexpensive, plant-based proteins for food, feed and industrial applications”

It’s interesting to note, the above article, which I visited a few days ago, has now been removed, after being up for over a year. I had to go through Google Cache..

You see, not only is ZMAPP based on GMO plant based proteins, but so is synthetic ebola!

From the Jewish School of Medicine In New York.

When plasmids expressing individual Ebola virus proteins were transfected into Madin Darby canine kidney cells, the Ebola virus VP35 protein enhanced influenza delNS1 virus growth more than 100-fold.

Department of Microbiology, Box 1124, Mount Sinai School of Medicine, One Gustave L. Levy Place, New York, NY 

The Journalist who is in Nebraska, recovering from ebola, whom we never hear about, his father’s last name is Levy. Yes, he is Jewish…Yes he is a virus doctor.

Mitchell M. Levy Professor of Medicine

11. Principal Investigator: “An Open-Label Study of Recombinant Human Activated Protein C in Severe Sepsis.” Eli Lilly and Company:

Way too many links to list…Is this another Jewish false flag, like 9/11, to get white Americans hating black African muslims?? Why is Bill Gates so concerned with Africa??

CSL, the Australian maker of blood-plasma therapeutics, has been asked by Bill Gates to explore whether it can develop a plasma product to treat Ebola.

Plasma proteins, also termed serum proteins or blood proteins, are proteins present in blood plasma


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