One thought on “It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Hitler

  1. Starve the airlines out of business….. they cooperated in getting this insanity entrenched in place. The airlines had the option of providing “security” after 911 and they turned that option over to the US government….
    So STARVE them… STOP buying those tickets…..
    Fly out of Mexico if you have to fly overseas… on a foreign airline… do not use a US based airline… STARVE ’em~!!
    …… take a train to the Mexican border.. or (yuck) a bus… car pool if a group is flying to South America and go in one vehicle…. and store the car in the U side border town for the duration. Or contact somebody who lives in a border city like El Paso who will store your car for you in their yard safely and pick you up at the International bridge when you return, for a very reasonable fee.
    Pick your vehicle back up when you WALK or TAXI back to the US side, or when you get your contact to pick you up.

    Where there is a will there is a way.

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