11 thoughts on “It’s Here

  1. Looks like a light dusting. We have 4 inches packing here in MI already. They are saying 7 inches today. Here they winter ends about early May.

    1. Yep. Michigan is great in the spring, summer and fall but I really hate the winter. Damn climate change..lol. I don’t know how they are planning on stopping the seasons (probably have to stop the earth from rotating around the sun) but during winter I think I would be all for it. I’m just not going to pay for it.

  2. Glad to see some peeps from Michigan here. Really love it here myself. At my compound, I feed the wildlife first, even if snow blowing is done before I get to them. Then it’s all about wood,gotta kept it hot on the inside, even though I’m outside cutting,splitting hauling and sweating in the cold. What a winter wonderland.

    1. Dammit, I’m jealous Jakester. City ordinance forbids wood burning stoves in my town. (Heating your house where I live requires paying through the nose to the local gas guy, whose on the city council.) Just another gig and F’ you “air quality” people.

  3. I’m a very good one to ignore anything that doesn’t agree with what I do.Millard my friend,I harbor unlicensed dogs.have not updated my own I.D in more years than I care to remember,play loud music and dance naked if I choose.I’M FREE, even if it’s only in my own mind.

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