It’s Not Over

First of all, I have to say that I don’t think this election drama is over, and that there’s still plenty of time for a few more scenes before the final curtain. Exactly how things play out probably depends on how Americans respond to events that unfold, so the enemy is going to remain flexible until they can gauge the reaction of the American people.

I’d expect a few cop killings today, and possibly some pockets of unrest in various parts of the country, but for the most part Patriots will regroup, and re-strategize (I think I just made that word up, but you know what I mean) for the time being.

The fact of the matter is that the election doesn’t matter, and Trump doesn’t matter, because he’s just another puppet on a different string.

What does matter is the opportunity that real Patriots have been given by this fraudulent election saga. Tens of millions of Americans are now reaching their boiling point regarding this communist takeover, and are ripe for recruitment into small, local, and independent civil defense organizations that can protect your local community.

In the estimation of the ruling bankers, their communist takeover can be completed in one of two ways; Democrats can control the government and legislate communism, or they can use the WW2-Hitler approach, and let Trump lead us to our defeat in WW3. As Rockefeller once said, “we’ll have our New World Order, either by consent, or conquest.” Biden means consent. Trump means conquest.

I’m still convinced that Trump will be reinstalled in the White House for another four years, simply because it would cause more destruction, and chaos is a big part of their recipe. There’s still time to call in the troops, arrest a bunch of traitors, and jail the opposition, and that will also confer upon Trump the dictatorial powers I’ve been warning of. There’s certainly enough evidence to put every last one of them in jail, and that would provide their blackmailers with a good laugh. Now that they’ve outlived their usefulness as politicians, their crimes and perversion can be used to convince Americans that only Trump can save this country. Our “Reichstag Fire” may involve arresting most of congress rather than burning the place to the ground. When Americans find out about the pedophilia and infanticide, they’ll be more than happy to see every one of them behind bars. In the eyes of most Americans, Donald Trump will be the only one left in our government who’s apparently a true Patriot that’s working to save this country. Loyalty to America and loyalty to Trump will become one and the same.

Forget Biden, because he’s probably lost in a staircase somewhere, and Harris is clinging to her Senate seat because she knows the V.P. gig was only a ruse. This is when you may see a lot of them fleeing the country, because they understand that Trump can call in the Troops, and they may only return after he’s been neutered (Jan. 20). That’s why there’s another  impeachment filing so close to the end of his term. The politicians themselves are unsure at this point regarding which direction the bankers will take, and that’s what adds sincerity to the drama. The most criminal among them are fighting like dogs because they don’t know if they’re going to be arrested, or remain in their present positions, and they won’t know until the troops roll in. If Biden becomes the president the criminals are safe, but if Trump calls in the troops, they’ll have to be jailed. Good time for a Tel-Aviv vacation.

The election fraud was intended to be discovered, and the news of it spread all over the internet. The mainstream media’s attempt to censor the information only causes more people to seek it out, and they know it. They want to see how Americans are going to react to an obviously stolen election. A vast majority of Americans are aware of the theft. What are they going to do about it?

If they’re going to allow Biden to remain in office, they’re already far on their way to being good communists. If they fight to install Trump, they’ll have to be defeated militarily.

In the long, gory history of war, no armed, indigenous population has ever been defeated. They know this, and that’s why I think they’ll be throwing the kitchen sink at us. Civil war, revolution, attack of the killer wetbacks, economic collapse, WW3, Chinese invasion, and whatever else they can throw on the pile. It’s not going to be easy, but we, and our Bill of Rights, will prevail in the end.   –- Jolly Roger

5 thoughts on “It’s Not Over

  1. Re: Tens of millions of Americans are now reaching their boiling point regarding this communist takeover, and are ripe for recruitment into small, local, and independent civil defense organizations that can protect your local community.”

    I’m not seeing a clear road for joining anything at this point. “Recruiting” takes advertising or word-of-mouth. “Ripe” for infiltration. So I think it’s still each individual arriving at his or her own moment, and for sure, having the support of their trusted few. I’m seein’ three hundred million t-shirts: MILITIA IS ME!!

    And re: “In the long, gory history of war, no armed, indigenous population has ever been defeated.”

    But non-indigenous populations have, like us, late seventeen hundreds. And I’m sure there were a few “indigenous” ones in there as well.


  2. Every election has been a fraud, they’ve decided to show you how ridiculous and in your face they can be and seemingly get away with it. Now the Democrats have the House, the Senate, and the White House, but it’s really just the same, because the dual-citizens in our highest offices, the International Bankers, and the International Corporate mafia are still calling all the shots. The plan now comes to the part where they try to turn America into a Socialist/Communist free for all third world hell hole.

  3. Taking a line from John Belushi’s character in “Animal House”–“It’s not over until we decide it is!”
    I think we all know why “we” is!

    And another line from traitor Rahm Emmanuel: “Never let a crisis go to waste.” So, Trenchers and others, time to act on this saying.

    Great post, Jolly!

  4. Thanks, guys. Glad you liked the article. Stay on your toes…. things could get crazy real quickly these days.

  5. unarmed woman with a security background no less, they must have thought she was a threat, for what ever reason.

    I was reading about her background, she was trained in security type work. Something definitely stinks here, she was set up in some way..

    I think Gail posted something I read about this womans background.

    No way in hell is Biden the bitch going to be able lead in any meaningful way going forward. In noway is he prepaired or strong enough for any of this, what a friggen joke!!

    Something ugly is brewing, more murders in some sick way probably.

    They want the country locked down for now, thats a given…They dont want people out and about…

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