Jesse Jackson Calls for Looting Pension Funds

jesse-jacksonMoonbattery – by Dave Blount

As Margaret Thatcher observed, sooner or later socialists run out of other people’s money. But the looting won’t stop until they have stolen your last penny. Did you expect to have a secure retirement after working your whole life? Sucker:

At a three-day conference in New York that began on Wednesday, [Jesse] Jackson discussed a proposal for increasing the availability of capital by using pension money to make loans in low-income communities. The idea is getting a prominent debut at the 16th annual Wall Street Project Economic Summit, hosted by Mr. Jackson’s Rainbow PUSH Coalition and the Citizenship Education Fund.

He isn’t just shouting this Marxist lunacy through a bullhorn at some ghetto street corner.

The conference features some big names, with a keynote speech from former President Bill Clinton.

Despite or rather because of his appalling irresponsibility and conspicuous lack of morals and character, Clinton is a demigod among Democrats.

Fundamentally, Mr. Jackson’s proposal is about leveling the playing field.

That is, it is about imposing egalitarianism by reducing everyone to the economic level of Jackson’s welfare-bred supporters.

Most who don’t rely on the socialist media for information are aware that the 2008 crisis and subsequent continuing economic decline were set off by federally coerced loans to these very “low-income communities.” Such loans are not even intended to be paid back, as New York Governor Andrew Cuomo confirmed as he was helping to set the collapse in motion as HUD secretary.

In plain terms, Jackson is advocating a smash and grab theft of pension money. His criminal ilk controls the government and is likely to loot America to the point of total collapse.

12 thoughts on “Jesse Jackson Calls for Looting Pension Funds

  1. Although my grievances with this insurrectionist govt are many this is what I hate the most. Not only have these bastards stolen our Social Security (Thanks to Slick Willies theft to “balance” the budget) now they want our private pensions also!
    F@#% you! I busted my arse to build a pension and look forward to retirement.I could have lived comfortably on my pension and SS.
    And they stole it. So welfare queens can lay around and get fat and make more useless eaters.
    NEVERMORE! I will die before giving up one more inch..

    1. Yea rhumstruck I know exactly what you are sayin. We all had a agreement that we could retire and enjoy life if we did a honest days work and then – all of a sudden – they changed the rules. We all signed on the bottom line of that contract for every job saying that we will do a honest days work and then we will retire with -hopefully – a nice, comfortable retirement. They have lied to us all and like everything else they do, try to bully us all into submission when they don`t get their own way. Yep, rhumstruck, we all follow their rules, laws, contracts and regulations and we get screwd everytime. That is why america is such a shit hole that it is now days – not because of the american worker but because of the dirty F`n elite, lawmakers and the polititions.

  2. I couldnt agree more Rhumstruck. They sure have a way of sugar coating theft and making it appear as charity. Well guess what?! I didn’t set up a pension fund, ira or 401k so that a bunch of criminals and commies could use the money for their own purposes. Also, I like how the Sotero supporters said that only the ‘rich’ would get taxed under this crime syndicate. Now we’re seeing how they’re clamping down on the middle class with Obamacare. Businesses have to slash workers hours too. But remember folks, austerity is fun and as long as people are scoring high on the happy meter, there is nothing to see here…move along…

  3. And all we hear is the sheople bleating, “KUMBAYA” and begging their messiah, King Obunco for more handouts.

  4. Let Jackson and Clinton “loan” their kind the money. It’s about time
    these parasites emptied their own bank accounts and give it to the
    illegitimate’s cause. The politicians who were allowed to take care of
    America knew far in advance this would be a problem but still they
    allowed this to grow like a fungus.

    1. Screw that Leita! They are supposed to be working for us. LOAN us money BS. They aught to be thanking us all and asking what their humble dumb asses can do for us all.After all we all made them wealthy, now it is their turn to make us all wealthy and healthy. I would realy like to see them bastards live week to week like the rest of us all and then talk all that crap of lies that they give us all. F them.

      1. Agree. We owe these people nothing. They are
        part of the problem. I worked this circuit for awhile
        and became too disgusted to continue. They’re wastes,
        literally. If Jesse wants them to have loans, use his
        own money not from the people who planned their lives.
        The whole system is fraud – illegitimate children all
        planned that way, the more the merrier and even more
        money. Our factories were sent to foreign countries to
        pay back a foreign debt we did not make.

  5. 14 years ago, I was one of those people calling social security a ponzi scam. Then, Clinton, who reportedly spoke at the conference mentioned above, spent the cash in social security and replaced it with federal bonds which the future taxpayers would have to pay back and pay interest on. Since then, I was one of those people calling social security outright slavery.

    Back then, it was just $1.6 trillion, today it is around $4 trillion in debt thanks to washington politicians spending retirement funds. Every time you send your cash into social security, what isn’t spent paying out SS checks is being spent on fed bonds and is creating more and more debt on current and future taxpayers.

    Believe it or not, there are actual people saying that the $4 trillion debt is an asset, rather than a liability. Well sure, to retired people who do not have to pay back the $4 trillion debt or the interest it would be an asset. To everyone else, it is a liability. It is a new huge tax burden that retired people are not expected to pay back. Not only are retired people collecting interest on their money that they spent, but they are collecting interest on the money I have sent to SS. We get taxed twice and they get all the reward.

    Interest on $4 is a lot today, when fed bonds pay a relatively small return. What happens when interests go up?

    1. Hey there PrionPartyy, those who are on retirement , social security have worked many years for what the govt. promised us all. Don`t be blaming people on ss or ssi or ssdi or their retirement funds that we all paid into for so many years. You want to blame any one you just go blame the damned corrupt govt. for the liers that they are. F U Prion Partyy we paid into that with every pay check with the promise and a contract that they made us pay into. You don`t go for it then you go after the F`n polititions that are stealing it all, don`t be bad mouthin` the people that have worked all their lives slaving at a job to be paying a low life govt. workers salery with all the state, federal , and social security they have so eagerly and forcefully taken out of every ones pay check . People like you Piss me off talkin` that F`n crap like what you commented there. FU.

  6. New York this, New York that. There’s been a lot of talk about states seceding, but shouldn’t the discussion be better turned to kicking select ones out? Let them have their Marxist paradise without subsidization by the rest of us.

  7. “Fundamentally, Mr. Jackson’s proposal is about leveling the playing field.”


    “That is, it is about imposing egalitarianism by reducing everyone to the economic level of Jackson’s welfare-bred supporters.”


    Something most people don’t know about this dirtbag is that he is either a 32nd or 33rd degree mason. I can’t remember which for sure, but it’s one or the other, (as if it much matters).

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