8 thoughts on “Jewish ‘Management Consultant’ Pushing ‘Multiculturalism’ On Japan

  1. ROLMFAO!!! Good luck with that one, Jews.

    That’s like asking Zionists to embrace multiculturalism in the occupied country of Palestine. It’ll never happen!

    Japanese people have schools that they have to go to once they get back to Japan in order to reintegrate themselves back into their Japanese culture when they return to their country. So trying to make them embrace another culture is completely out of the question.

    Yes, they have a long history of adopting ways from other countries and cultures BUT they would NEVER EVER do anything that would jeopardize their National Japanese identity and/or bloodline. It’s forever ingrained in them. That’s a fact!

    If they don’t kick her out of the country, they’ll either ignore her or shun her from their society. That’s Japan. I lived there before, so I know.

    One of their favorite sayings is, “The nail that sticks up gets hammered down” and this stupid Jew is no exception.

    1. Nice! Thanks for that NC. I was going to say something similar but you said it better given your experience living there. I’m definitely no fan of Red Ice but I’ll be passing this on to some Japanese friends LOL!

  2. My daughter is a “Japan-o-phile” so to speak…learned some spoken Japanese in teen years (from church pastor who worked for Kobe Steel several years before returning to US), loves Japanese anime (Bleach, Sailor Moon, Goku and them, etc.), fave rock band is the GazettE (seen them twice in Dallas), wanted to go work in Japan as English teacher upon college graduation, but then Fukushima happened… I’d say she totally would agree with above comments! No freakin’ way is Japan ever going to be “multicultural”! Sic Godzilla or Rodan or Mothra on her as well! Ah sooo desu nee!

    Here’s an idea for this Rochelle idiot–try that on North Korea! Bwahahahahahahahahahahah!

      1. Just had to say it’s something of a turn-off to see people responding like that with their own particular kind of salute – some offshoot of collectiveism, and other historical samenesses. But still, I know what they’re fighting.


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