5 thoughts on “Jim Caviezel: Hollywood Elite Trying To Kill Me for Exposing CIA Child Sex Trade

  1. Although Jim Caviezel has been putting his whole heart and soul into doing as much as one Christian man can do, with what seems to be a genuine exposure of the parasitic, US 3 letter agencies, it goes well beyond just them. It also includes the other world powers who have their fingers on the AI database which they use to control presidents and prime ministers. There is a man named David Hawkins who explains how it works and how Trudeau in Canada, for example, is controlled by China, and how Biden is controlled by Trudeau! Biden’s recent visit to Canada was tied in with that. The database is called ChildBase AI. It is used as a blackmailing tool. It is the tool the paedophile elite use to control, not only eachother, but the entire world.

    1. Also, I must always include the fact that even though he comes across as an honest soul seeking to bring the truth to bear, until his truth brings forth the law of the nation that made it possible to freely exercise his faith, there will be no remedy. Just more controlled opposition.

  2. But of course! If they can murder rock stars Chester Bennington and Chris Cornell for exposing child trafficking…. What I call “the murder rule” (the name of my upcoming new novel–https://omegabooksnet.com)

    1. HEAR! HEAR! Always remember those 2 AND Avicii – they all saw the truth & began to speak it – a rare & heroic commodity among so-called celebrities! They must’ve been right over the target & about to unveil inconvenient truths to all be taken out the way they were. As much as I’d like to think Jim’s & Mel’s hearts are in the right place I’m just not feeling it in my bones at the moment & it all seems like it’s only very lightly scratching at the surface for whatever reason.

      It definitely seems to me at the moment that there is a concerted effort to create a solid split in societies between “woke” & “non-woke” – a term I hate btw but it’s a simple way of describing their engineering efforts in their own words. This child-trafficking stuff, unless it digs REAL deep, only appears to stoking the fires of this roaring division right at the time when it’s being cranked right up. Call me cynical, because I am, but that’s not a defeatist position at all. Rather it’s an observation based on what limited info we have before us. If I see all the guilty, and we know exactly who they are, getting arrested & on the receiving end of some very harsh justice under NATURAL LAW then I may change my tune. Something tells me that ain’t gonna happen though… at least not until we do what’s got to be done!

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