Joel Osteen Meets with Pope Francis at Vatican: ‘He’s Made the Church More Inclusive’

Joel OsteenChristian News – by Heather Clark

ROME – Megachurch speaker and author Joel Osteen was among a group of political and religious leaders who met with Pope Francis at the Vatican on Thursday.

According to reports, Osteen was part of a delegation organized by the International Foundation in an effort to encourage interfaith relations and ecumenicism. Utah Senator Mike Lee (R), a Mormon, Gayle Beebe, the president of the interdenominational Westmont College in California, and Pastor Tim Timmons, founder of South Coast Community Church also in California, were among those who who greeted the pope, along with Osteen.  

“I just felt very honored and very humbled,” Osteen told local television station Click 2 Houston. “It was amazing. And even to go back into that part of the Vatican—there’s so much history there, the place that they took us through. You feel that deep respect and reverence for God.”

The Lakewood leader also met with other Vatican staff during his visit, including Cardinal Pietro Paroli, Secretary of State for the Vatican, and had dinner with an unspecified staff member.

Osteen attended mass in St. Peter’s Square on Wednesday prior to the meeting in the midst of a crowd of 100,000 people.

“Afterward, [the pope] spent an hour and a half going through the crowd with the Popemobile, greeting people,” he recalled to the Houston Chronicle. “It was very heartwarming to see him caring for people.”

Osteen told reporters that he believed the pope’s message and focus is one of unity.

“I love the fact that’s he’s made the Church more inclusive,” he said. “Not trying to make it smaller, but to try to make it larger—to take everybody in. So, that just resonates with me.”

But others have expressed sadness about Osteen’s recent meeting at the Vatican, stating that ecumenicism is far from biblical.

“Joel Osteen has joined the rank of all other popular ministries in bowing his knee to the anti-Christ system, and those that blindly follow his leadership will be the first ones in line with their hand out to be marked by the beast,” Pastor Mark Herridge Sr. of Pentecostal Lighthouse Church in Livingston, Texas told Christian News Network.

“Any Protestant ministry that links up with the pope and Catholicism is betraying the sacrifice of millions of faithful Christians that have died at the hands of this brutal, dictatorial and oppressive religion that has never represented the Church of the Living God as outlined in New Testament teaching,” he said.

Amy Spreeman of Stand Up for the Truth said that it is important that Christians take note of these developments.

“You might be saying to your evangelical self, ‘Who cares what Joel Osteen does, or what the pope does, or what a Mormon senator does? These things surely don’t apply to my faith, do they?’” she wrote. “[P]erhaps it’s time to stop focusing on those audacious dreams and life tips and start paying attention to your Bible and to those pesky news headlines that threaten to wake us from our slumber. ”

18 thoughts on “Joel Osteen Meets with Pope Francis at Vatican: ‘He’s Made the Church More Inclusive’

  1. Wolves in sheep’s clothing, all of them!!!!!!!! Can anyone say “One World Religion”??? The present current events are lining up with the Bible every day. Look up, Jesus is coming soon!!

  2. ‘He’s Made the Church More Inclusive’

    – Good, let’s send a few hundred busloads of illegals to Italy instead of American cities.

  3. To 1611…do you feel almost an extreme feeling about the changes taking place? You are correct in my opinion and I am seeing it more every day…children against parents, brothers and sisters fighting etc. It is getting so obvious. Let us here at FTT keep love in our hearts with each other during this turmoil. This is beyond obamna and the rothchilds, this is not a fight against flesh and blood. Keep close to Christ and His love you all and we will prevail. Keeping your powder dry is also a good idea

  4. Thank you, hweinhard! Sounds as if you know your Bible.

    I never thought I would live to be in the Rapture, but it looks as if we just might make,

    My powder is dry, and just last week I did some target practice with The Judge and my little Walther. Have a few rifles and shotguns around here too.

    I always say, “A woman is never too old to carry a cute purse.”, and never too old to carry a gun!!!

  5. as inappropriate as this may be, seems FTT has grace for comments…
    1611, will u marry me? 🙂

    1. I would if I could, hweinhard, but I have been married to the finest fellow this side of Heaven for over 55 years!! A true man of God,
      who preaches The Word without compromise.

      He now volunteers at our local county jail, and points the way to Christ to hundreds.

      But I’ll see you in Glory!!!

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