0 thoughts on “Jon Stewart Scolds Media For Ignoring Ron Paul, the One Who "Planted the Grassroots!"

  1. The Top Tier Three Stooges; CNN, Fox News and MSNBC. It’s becoming so blatantly in our faces, it’s starting to become personal.

    1. Yeah,Mark. It really is feeling that way. Now who can deny that these so called “anchors” are nothing but paid actors reading scripts?

      Sure would like to be a fly on the wall at the private meetings in the rooms of these media people! This has gone beyond absurd to something I can’t even find a word for.

      How about insanity? Thanks be given for people like Jon Stewart!

  2. This Presidential race just gets more and more like a bad comedy. On one side you have an illegal alien who currently occupies the White House running for re-election when he should be impeached and thrown into federal prison, and then you have the rest of the International Corporate Mafia’s puppets doing everything in their power to make Ron Paul invisible. If they even try placing one of these brainless automatons in the White House, all I can say is “Lock and load boys, it’s time to take out the trash!”

  3. I cast my vote as well. Ray way to join the ranks. Salute! Here is to the new age patriot! I’m am up here in New Hampshire, For Ron Paul nation. We are combining Red Sox nation, meets Ron Paul nation. New Hampshire is Ron Paul territory. We are designing signs of Ron Paul nation, and Red Sox nation as rhetoric. People in New England love the Red Sox, and they love Ron Paul as well. However, nothing beats this site. I love patriotism. There is nothing like liberty bleeding at its pours. I can’t wait. Ron Paul 2012. I see bumper stickers everywhere here in New Hampshire. I take part in phonebanking, ground work. I work with people who know what the trenches know. I go the distance. I will not stop in the collective mindset. I love it.

  4. If they think they can ignore Ron Paul, their F’ing crazy!! He’s our man, I can feel the momentum building for Ron Paul BIGTIME! They better not mess with our leader!!!

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