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  1. THis piece is worthy of one’s time. I listened to it in total. I have been aware for a long while of the Vatican’s…influence, of the English crown’s influence,(within the world of actual workings) and of just how close we(in the US)are to crumbling back from what was gained from our own American Revolution…
    Lets all keep ourselves informed of the real workings in the world….That’s a great step to remaining with what US Const….we do have….and to gaining the parts of it we have lost…through, bogus laws, which are unconstitutional…not all that much is said of our own US Supreme C…..yet they are some of the worst snakes in the grass for enslaving….Americans, right back to where we were 2-300 years ago….

      1. Yes, Jordan is very knowledgeable. Been following him since the late ’90s every chance I get.
        . . .

  2. Thanks, admin, for a great post. I’ve gotten through about two-thirds of the video, and this is probably the best interview with Jordan Maxwell I’ve heard.

    I completely agree that the Roman empire never died – it just changed its storefront, but I do think this evil entity dates even further in history past the Roman empire, past the Persian and Greek empires and beyond the Egyptian dynasties and Sumer civilizations.

    Wake up stubbornly sleepy people, because something evil this way has come and it acts like an aggressive insect with no remorse and no compassion, basically a bi-dimensional parasite.

  3. Like the ocultist Alister Crowley said ‘ Do what thou wilt shal be the whole of the law” ,
    Yea guys, in other words do what ya`ll like/want but there are consequences for what ya do. Like they say that all gods children are still gods childen – just like satan is one of Gods childen, yea he is the fallen angel, but still one of Gods children . Sick isn`t it according to christian religeon. After all, religeon is theology and philosophy – religeon has started more wars than any other reason – thank you very much. And you bible thumpers all know exactly what I am sayin` with that statement.
    PS ha yea. Like they say, ” all gods children are created equal” well now then I guess ha – cough cough yep OK 😉

  4. I had Henry post this after I watched/listened to it at work the yesterday. I thought it was amazing how the words that we use are so connected and the meaning of them is explained by Jordan.

    1. Thanks, knowledgeispower, for the post. Another good Jordan Maxwell presentation is Illuminati Exposed. Although not everyone will be ready to hear it, it’s worth the entire 3 hours:

  5. Maxwell is outstanding in the field of research concerning the double & hidden meanings of words. I have 4 of his dvds on that subject.

    His views on religion & aliens suck, however, imo.

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