Judge Jerry: New Court Show Launching in Fall 2019 with Jerry Springer

TV Series Finale

Get ready for Jerry! Jerry Springer is returning to syndicated television in the fall with Judge Jerry, and a lot of markets made the premiere possible!

NBC Universal revealed the following about the launch of the series in a press release. Check that out below. 

NBCUniversal Television Distribution has sold Judge Jerry to more than 90% of the country for its fall 2019 debut, it was announced today by Tracie Wilson, Executive Vice President, Creative Affairs, NBCUniversal Domestic Television Distribution.

The new daily, first-run half-hour court program Judge Jerry, with the iconic Jerry Springer presiding as judge, will air on top stations across the country, including WPIX NY, WCIU Chicago, WPHL Philadelphia, WDAF Dallas, WLVI Boston and WATL Atlanta. These stations join previously announced station groups Tribune, Sinclair, Weigel, Hearst, Cox, Sun Beam, Block, Raycom, Tegna, Scripps, Meredith and Capital.

Kerry Shannon, who previously served as executive producer of The Jerry Springer Show, will executive produce. Leah Ponce and Joe Scott will also join the production team as the show’s co-executive producers. Both Ponce and Scott come to Judge Jerry with an extensive background in daytime court TV having worked on Judge Judy, Hot Bench and Divorce Court.

“The combination of Jerry’s proven experience in broadcast television and his legal mind will make Judge Jerry like no other courtroom show on TV,” Shannon said. “I’m excited that Jerry’s fans will get to see him in a new role, presiding from the judge’s bench, as he rules each case with a fair but firm disposition that is uniquely Jerry.”

Judge Jerry will be taped in front of a live studio audience at the Stamford (Conn.) Media Center, which is also home to the long-running and successful NBCU talk shows The Steve Wilkos Show and Maury. The show is produced and distributed in the U.S. by NBCUniversal Television Distribution.

TV Series Finale

6 thoughts on “Judge Jerry: New Court Show Launching in Fall 2019 with Jerry Springer

  1. I…..can’t. ….I. ….simply. ….just. ….can’t. ….

    Next thing ya know, they’re gonna make that orange haired gajillionaire guy who does real estate with all them slimy joo bankers and acts on WWF president!

    You can’t make this up?

    1. Yeah.

      Justice meets sleaze?

      Sexy sentencing?

      Courtroom courtships?

      DNA discoveries?

      Paternity-proving plaintiffs?

      Porn Star prosecuters?

      Indecent indictments?

      Dirty depositions.

      And will there be scantily-clad women in fist fights needing body guards to feel them up? Oops, I mean break them up.

      One can only imagine. And at such a time as this, when we need all hands on deck. More distraction to distract from communism and its slavery. Mazel Tov, Jerry.


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