Jury finds Liberty Co. Sheriff Nick Finch Not Guilty

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BRISTOL, Fla. (WTXL) — Former Liberty County Sheriff Nick Finch has been found not guilty on charges of official misconduct and falsifying public records.

Finch had been on trial for several days.

The eight-person jury handed down the verdict shortly after noon on Thursday, October 31.  

Finch was arrested in June of this year by agents with the Florida Department of Law Enforcement and later suspended by Governor Rick Scott.

The charges filed against Finch stemmed from the arrest earlier in the year of Floyd Eugene Parrish. He was arrested by a deputy for carrying a concealed weapon. Finch reportedly released Parrish from jail. Prosecutors say they believe Finch then destroyed jail documents pertaining to Parrish’s arrest.

Finch has all along maintained that he had done nothing wrong and releasing Parrish only in an act to protect a citizen’s second amendment rights.


Gun right advocates began protesting Governor Rick Scott’s office after Finch’s arrest and suspension.

In July Governor Scott appointed Walter “Buddy” Money has the interim Liberty County Sheriff.


11 thoughts on “Jury finds Liberty Co. Sheriff Nick Finch Not Guilty

  1. What a relief!
    Now if he can get back pay and his elected job back and the state should also provide compensation for legal costs to this man, for standing up in support of our U S constitution…
    Wonder how much will be said on national news casts of this?

  2. I just called the Governors office, and was told that Sheriff Finch has contacted their office for the approiate reinstatement forms. I urge all to call and inquire as it keeps the pressure on them to do whats right. We elect our Sheriffs to do what Sheriff Finch did, and the Governor should promptly reinstate him, now that he is cleared of trumped up charges. If they do not their agenda is quite clear…

  3. if that Governors office does not reinstate this elected official, and promptly,
    a top attorney could make big hay nationally with this case and Sheriff Finch may even after taking back his rightful job, become should he desire to be, a national spokes person for our US Const and a role for other sheriffs to follow via the US Const………

  4. I am happily eating crow right now!! I never expected a Florida jury to exonerate this sheriff.
    Hey Marine, have you got the number handy?

  5. …Based upon the presumption that the corruption has to stop at some point, at some level….when the Sheriff gets his job back….I would hate to be a State of Florida Employee trying to get anything done in his jurisdiction….if I were he…I’d be the most uncooperative MF’r of all time….


    RJ O’Guillory
    Webster Groves – The Life of an Insane Family

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