Just in case you forgot

Just in case you forgot what the War of Northern Aggression did via the so-called 14th Amendment:

Brown v. Welch, 116 Ind. 117 (1866) aff’d. Contracts Payable in Gold.Senate Resolution No. 62 (April 24, 1933) (The ultimate ownership of all property is in the State; individual so-called “ownership” is only by virtue of Government;i.e., law, amounting to mere user; and use must be in accordance with law and subordinate to the necessities of the State. The fact that citizens, at a given time may prefer specie to currency, or vice versa, cannot prevent Congress from enacting those laws which it deems necessary to the maintenance of a proper monetary system.); http://www.commonlawvenue.com/Misc/payable%20in%20gold.pdf   

Cf. By Executive Order Of The President of The United States, March 9, 1933 “By virtue of the authority vested in me by Section 5 (b) of the Act of October 6, 1917, as amended by Section 2 of the Act of March 9, 1933 …, in which Congress declared that a serious emergency exists, I as President, do declare that the national emergency still exists; that the continued private hoarding of gold and silver by subjects of the United States poses a grave threat to the peace, equal justice, and well-being of the United States; and that appropriate measures must be taken immediately to protect the interests of our people.” Therefore, pursuant to the above authority, I hereby proclaim that such gold and silver holdings are prohibited, and that all such coin, bullion or other possessions of gold and silver be tendered within fourteen days to agents of the Government of the United States for compensation at the official price, in the legal tender of the Government. All safe deposit boxes in banks or financial institutions have been sealed, pending action in the due course of the law. All sales or purchases or movements of such gold and silver within the borders of the United States and its territories and all foreign exchange transactions or movements of such metals across the border are hereby prohibited. Your possession of these proscribed metals and/or your maintenance of a safe deposit box to store them is known by the government from bank and insurance records. Therefore, be advised that your vault box must remain sealed, and may only be opened in the presence of an agent of the Internal Revenue Service. By lawful order given this day, the President of the United States.” Franklin Roosevelt – March 9, 1933

Public Law 95-147, 91 Stat. 1227 (Oct. 28, 1977) (Federal Reserve Notes have no set value) (no longer “stabilize the value of the dollar” nor “assure the value of the coin and currency of the United States” is purely misrepresentation, deceit and fraud. (See: Public Law 95-147, 91 Stat. 1227, at pg. 1229);

Act of October 28, 1977, Public Law 95-147, 91 Stat. 1227 declared most banking institutions, including State banks, to be under direction and control of the corporate “Governor” of the International Monetary Fund [See: Public Law 94-564, Legislative History, pg. 5942, United States Government Manual 1990/91, pgs. 480-481]. The Act further declared that: “(2) Section 10(a) of the Gold Reserve Act of 1934 (31U.S.C. 822a(b) is amended by striking out the phrase ‘stabilizing the exchange value of the dollar’ …” … “(C) The joint resolution entitled ‘Joint resolution to assure uniform value to the coins and currencies of the United States’, approved June 5, 1933 (31U.S.C. 463) shall not apply to obligations issued on or after the date of enactment of this section.”http://www.budgetcorporaterenewals.com/UnitedStatesBankrupt.pdf …http://firedoglake.com/2006/03/18/the-constitution-is-not-a-legal-technicality/ …http://www.gpo.gov/fdsys/pkg/STATUTE-91/pdf/STATUTE-91-Pg1227.pdf

“Governor” of “The Fund” (IMF- 22 USC 286) and “The Bank” (International Bank For Reconstruction and Development, commonly referred to as The World Bank);http://www.gemworld.com/USA-MoneyFraud.htm

The United States is Bankrupt Now

: SENATE REPORT NO. 93-549 (Nelson, 1991)http://www.budgetcorporaterenewals.com/UnitedStatesBankrupt.pdf

The U.S. Constitution and Money Part 11: Federal Reserve Notes Take Over, by Michael S. Rozeff: http://www.scribd.com/doc/31894067/The-U-S-Constitution-and-Money-Part-11-Federal-Reserve-Notes-Take-Over

The Secrets of the Federal Reserve: The London Connection (by, Eustace Mullins)http://www.apfn.org/apfn/reserve.htm : Read word for word for audio:http://www.apfn.org/audio/Secrets-of-the-Federal-Reserve.mp3

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    SENATE REPORT NO. 93-549 (Nelson, 1991)http://www.budgetcorporaterenewals.com/UnitedStatesBankrupt.pdf

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