8 thoughts on “Just saw this in Austin, TX just now across from UT Austin. Wanted to smash it.

  1. Oh, those “good” Baptists are just taking care of these poor illegal invaders, FOR SOME GOOD MAMMON, of course!

  2. I’m curious as to why they think that people think that humans are illegal. No one ever said any humans were illegal. We just said that they were here illegally, which makes them ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS not illegal humans.

  3. Illegal INVADERS to be precise, as they are not migrating(immigrant), they are being let in, paid, housed, clothed, etc…

    1. Word parsing is their game. We allow things just because we are too busy to see what they truly mean, such as “extraordinary rendition”, which used to mean somebody did real good on their solo clarinet performance, not gulagging someone.

  4. just another example of “judeo assholes……………………………………….”

  5. Jesus would make loaves of bread …catch multiple fishes…turn water into wine ? Give it away for free? Or TEACH them how to do it in their own shit hole countries. if Jesus appears it’s probably a hologram…

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