Kentucky Flooding: Bodies Found Of Four Children Swept From Parents’ Arms

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The death toll rose to at least 25 Saturday in Kentucky after major flooding that left residents trapped on rooftops and entire communities under water.

Dozens of roads are blocked by debris, hundreds of people have been rescued and search efforts were ongoing.

Here are our updates posted Friday and Saturday (all times are listed in EDT).

(Saturday 12:00 p.m.) Rescue Efforts Continue, More Rain Upcoming

Impacted parts of eastern Kentucky are still focused on search and rescue — rebuilding may not begin for weeks, according to Governor Andy Beshear. Those that are safe are being urged to take steps to ensure their ongoing safety. More rain is expected to arrive Sunday in some of the same already hard-hit areas.

“​If you’re still with us, we want you to stay with us,” Beshear said in a live-streamed update Saturday.

The death toll remains at 25, but it is expected to rise as cell phone service is restored. Officials have not been able to verify all reported deaths because they have no way to communicate with people in some areas.

S​ix children were originally reported as dead, but Governor Beshear says that number is now four. Two deaths were erroneously reported as being children and were later found to have been adults. The overall death count is not impacted by this new information, however.

O​ver 600 air rescues and over 750 water rescues have been completed. Many are still missing.

T​he Kentucky State Police has opened hotlines to report a missing person. There are five hotlines dedicated to several affected counties.

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