Kill anyone you want; law has been abandoned in America (satire)

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Maybe it’s because I don’t watch cable television, but I must have missed some big announcement somewhere that says, “It’s now legal in America to kill anyone you name as an enemy.” That’s what Obama does with his secret kill lists, and it’s exactly what the LAPD recently demonstrated in carrying out its premeditated arson and murder against a homicide suspect.

Apparently, I was delusional in thinking that America was a country where murder was illegal and the accused get their day in court. It seems I’m the last to know that President Obama must have made some sort of announcement along the lines of, “My fellow Americans. There is no longer any rule of law in America. Feel free to murder anyone you think might be plotting against you. After all, that’s what we do here in the White House.”

Silly me. I’ve been respecting the rule of law all along. Never been arrested. Never had a speeding ticket. Never committed a felony. I’ve never even stolen anything, for God’s sake, and I guess I’ve been the fool for walking around with a firearm and keeping it holstered instead of opening fire on random civilians like the LAPD does. (Satire)

So now I’m genuinely wondering whether the rules have changed and I’m just too far out of the loop to know any better. See, my philosophy has always been to avoid the use of violence — even against those who seemingly deserve it — and keep to myself for the most part. Of course, if somebody comes looking for trouble, I’m obviously going to defend myself, but I don’t go out of my way to hunt people down and pump lead into their vehicles the way the LAPD does.

But now it seems the rules have changed. It seems that you and I will never get our day in court if we are believed to have done something wrong. We will never even have the luxury of being charged with a crime; we’ll just be exterminated by some government department or agency, evidence be damned. If the media says you’re a criminal, then by God you must be one, right? Who needs a trial when the LAPD already knows you’re guilty?

And why not just kill the guilty outright and save all the court costs, right? The message from the White House, in its 16-page Dept. of Justice memo, is that Obama can simply kill anyone he wishes. And as Obama is supposed to set the example of national leadership, it only follows that the American people are supposed to reflect his actions at the local level. That’s Obama’s new mandate:Kill those you don’t like, he implies. And don’t worry… the DoJ has you covered. It’s downright progressive, in fact, to start murdering those you suspect might be enemies. No wonder the LAPD has embraced Obama’s homicidal tendencies.

Did those two women in the pickup truck have the right to shoot back at LAPD officers?

The LAPD, in reality, has become a taxpayer-funded murder squad. It begs the question: If the two women in the pickup truck that was shot up by the LAPD had been carrying concealed weapons, would they have been in the right to shoot back at the LAPD officers who were attempting to murder them? Did they have the moral right to use deadly force to stop those LAPD officers?

The answer, of course, is, “Absolutely.” It is the only reasonable moral, ethical and lawful conclusion. Any American, if fired upon without provocation or justification — even by a government official — has every right to stop that official in self defense, using any means necessary, including deadly force. This conclusion is supported by legal precedent, it is enshrined in the Bill of Rights, and it is further confirmed by Divine Right. There is no circumstance under which a citizen must lay down and die simply because the person doing the shooting is a government employee. Such an idea is absurd.

The LAPD would do well to keep this in mind, it seems. Sooner or later, their reckless “shoot at anything” attitude is going to backfire on them in a tragic way. Even today, right now, the citizens of Los Angeles have observed and learned something incredibly valuable (and shocking): The LAPD is not your friend, nor your protector. The LAPD is a government-funded gang with badges. Their officers have a hand in the drugs, the prostitution, the corruption and the violence in that city. They plot and carry out premeditated murders of those who oppose them. They need not obey any law whatsoever, and they now operate with absolute immunity from prosecution for murder.

Take a look at the timeline of just a few of the LAPD corruption scandals that have been brought to light over the last few years (and then realize that these wouldn’t even be prosecuted today!):

The rule of law is dead in LA

The truth in all this is simple: If the LA District Attorney refuses to charge LAPD officers with attempted murder for shooting up that pickup truck, then there is no longer anything resembling rule of law in Los Angeles. It’s a free-for-all, folks. If you have a badge, you can apparently just open fire on anyone, at any time, for any reason, without even so much as a warrant.

Consider for a moment what kind of message that sends to the citizens of Los Angeles. Put two and two together, folks. The answer is obvious: Gang warfare is now the official policing policy in L.A.

It’s no longer a question of being “against” gangs. It’s only a question of which gang you belong to: Crips, Bloods, Brims, Pirus and LAPD. They are all gangs. Some gangs wear red, other gangs wear blue. And one gang wears official-looking badges. Importantly, none of these gangs is bound by law. Especially not the LAPD gang.

The coming LA war zone

I know where this is headed, folks. That’s why I’m up at 1:00 am writing this, because this is all an urgent realization that I feel the need to share with you. Los Angeles stands on the verge of becoming a literal WAR ZONE, completely abandoned by any law-abiding police. The battle lines are already drawn. Click here to see a Google Map of the gang boundaries already in place across L.A. The only thing missing from this map is the LAPD territory.

Here’s my prediction: In a real national crisis such as an economic collapse or power grid failure, the LAPD gang will be almost instantly overrun by the Crips. The Crips have significantly more firepower and sheer numbers of people on the streets. They are not one gang, but a multitude of micro-regional gangs who cannot be brought down by killing one leader. You’ve got the Athens Crips, the Compton Crips, the Long Beach Crips, and so on. These gangs respect no law (much like the LAPD all of a sudden) and can dish out just as much violence as the LAPD. In fact, they’re better at it.

The point is that during a real crisis, if you live anywhere south of I-10 and west of the 710 interstate, you’re as good as dead. And the gangs won’t be satisfied with ransacking and looting all the homes and businesses East of the airport, either. You can fully expect them to widen their rampage into Gardena, Carson, Downey, Culver City, downtown LA and of course East LA.

The LAPD will not and cannot protect you. They have no interest in protecting you. They have no respect for the rule of law and have increasingly lost the trust of the public. The LAPD will be out to do only one thing: protect itself and murder its enemies. That’s precisely the way the LAPD acted yesterday in the murder of Christopher Dorner.

Sooner or later, LA will burn. The only way to survive LA in a collapse scenario will be to flee the city or join a gang that can offer you sufficient protection against the other gangs, including the LAPD.

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4 thoughts on “Kill anyone you want; law has been abandoned in America (satire)

  1. It seems to me that if someone is shooting at you – and they didn`t identify themselves and you didn`t do any thing wrong – that we all have the right to protect ourselves with with firepower or with whatever means possible, be it a cop or some damned hoodlum that is shooting at us. Of course nowdays there are so many laws that there is no way anybody can avoid not breaking the law.

  2. I have to disagree with this article on one point, and one point only; It’s not satire. It’s what’s happening.

  3. There never was rule of law in LA. Crips and Bloods evolved out of the necessity to protect themselves from the LAPD, it’s been going on a long time.

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