Kindergartener Draws Masks on Kids in Magazine to Make Them Less ‘Weird’

Headline USA – by Jacob Burns

A Twitter poster shared an image of a child’s addition of masks to magazine pictures, illustrating just one of the demonic effects of widespread masking on children, Twitchy reported.

This sort of story must certainly warm the heart of one of our most powerful and long-standing rulers — Dr. Anthony Fauci.

According to the tweet, the child explained that people look “weird” without masks on, and so added them into the photos.

This is just one example of the dictatorial dogma of science penetrating into the minds of young children.

A current five-year-old would have experienced nearly half of his life — including his most conscious years — witnessing widespread masking among adults, and more recently, among other children as well.

Children have also been conditioned to the physical intrusion of “the science” into their bodies in the form of the jab, in many cases mandated, and the many booster jabs that it is spawning.

People on Twitter, most of whom were horrified, chimed in on the photo.

Some emphasized the way that children will fail to learn in the absence of understanding expressions.

Others simply remarked upon the chilling nature of such monstrous mandates on children.

Still others claimed that they have rarely seen such a sad thing, which was brought about by the pseudo-science of our ruling class.

Headline USA

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