Kissinger Admitted To Hospital Following Fall

Henry A. Kissinger (credit: Johannes Simon/Getty Images)CBS New York

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – Former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger has been taken to New York-Presbyterian/Weill Cornell Medical Center following a fall at his home.

Kissinger, 89, was admitted to the hospital for observation and is expected to be discharged later today, according to a statement from the hospital.

The Nobel Peace Prize winner served as the nation’s top diplomat in the 1970s under Presidents Richard Nixon and Gerald Ford.

6 thoughts on “Kissinger Admitted To Hospital Following Fall

  1. How many people do you have to kill to be eligible for a Nobel peace prize?

    Hopefully there’s a good nurse watching over him who’ll smother that old wretch with a pillow when no one’s looking. He’s done enough damage for one lifetime.

  2. Hospitals seem to be the place to go for sanctuary huh? … i.e. Bush Sr., Hillary Clinton, Queen Elizabeth, and now Kissinger. Looks like a pattern to me.

    . . .

    1. That’s what I said yesterday. Are they all doing a cloning experiment and using these health problems as an excuse? I find this more than a coincidence.

      1 is an accident, – Bush Sr.
      2 is a coincidence, – Hitlery Clinton
      3 is a pattern and – Queen Elizabeth
      4 is a conspiracy. – Henry Kissmyassinger.

  3. Too bad he wasn’t discharged to the morgue. (celebrate)
    Bush, Reptile Elizabeth, Hag Hillary, Kissinger – I guess the
    maggots in their body cavities are winning.

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