Troops Deployed Ahead of Economic Collapse & Gun Confiscation

Published on Mar 5, 2013 by TheAlexJonesChannel

The economic collapse, and ensuing civil unrest is coming – or so we’ve been told. Why else would Homeland Security buy up more than 2 billion bullets, purchase more than 2700 tanks and stock pile weaponry all while government white papers outline preparations for a martial law containment of society?

Ahead of that breakdown of society, Washington and the powers that control it have deployed troops across America to train for domestic operation and acclimate the public to their presence. The friendlies, engaging in benign and innocuous activities, will foster trust among the people and let down their guard when things go dark later. It is classic psyops at work.

In that context, we see an acceleration of National Guard and regular Army troops used at public sporting events, in crowd control at festivals and operating with police in law enforcement checkpoints, all in violation of Posse Comitatus. Small examples of this have been occurring regularly in Texas, with a National or State Guard presence at Kite Festivals, Texas Independence celebrations and other public events.

16 thoughts on “Troops Deployed Ahead of Economic Collapse & Gun Confiscation

  1. I have three words, that would be a great start, freeing us from banksters and their imaginary debt…
    BTW Alex Jones is not our friend…his job is to get us to take to the streets and that will be a lost proposition for us. If they don’t get their war, martial law or global warming, they will lie naked, like an emperor without clothes, revealing to all their crimes. But if they are successful in getting a “fringe” group of patriots to blow up a big building (which will probably be the Mossad or CIA anyway) and create martial law, we lose. IF they get their war, IMHO…they plan on having our nation lose, in order to successfully confiscate guns…No matter, the only way they win is for us to do exactly what Alex Jones wants us to do and that’s take to the streets.

    In order for them to continue, they need to figure out some way to convince chumps to join the USA pyramid financial system…and that is being slowly strangled to death by people waking up.

    They want to keep us off the true focus…the criminal Federal Reserve/Central Banking system…the head of the ponzi scheme, the source of our demise.

    Remove the politicians, jail the banksters and forgive the debt…then
    re-activate the Constitution.

  2. yeah, yeah, yeah. You’re not scaring anyone, Alex Jones. They bought a lot of ammo, that’s yet to be manufactured, and a lot of armored equipment is being moved around, but so what?

    I see a lot of troops following orders today because they need food and shelter, so they’ll help the tanks roll in, but what really matters is which way the guns are pointing when the shooting starts.

    They already lost. U.S. troops are not going to assist in the destruction of their own country, and foreign troops will only be looking for places to hide once they’re dumped here. Don’t forget that our opposition is only “fighting” (if they do actually fight at all) for a tiny paycheck that doesn’t buy anything, and we’re fighting for our lives, our homes, and our kids.

    I’ll bet I can turn an entire platoon of Russian troops over to our side with one nice chicken dinner, and you know what they say about mercenaries; “they’ll kill for you, but they won’t die for you.”

    We’re the ones who will be fighting for our lives, and everyone else involved knows what they’re up against. They’re out gunned, out numbered, and have no will or reason to fight. They CAN’T win, unless they’re successful at deceiving you into thinking they can, and that’s what Alex Jones and his fear-mongering “alternative news” empire is all about.

    He’s a fat idiot with a bullhorn, and he managed to get a lot of idiots on his side by being the loudest voice, but they wake up shortly after they find out there are many alternatives to his foolishness.

  3. What are tptb going to pay all these troops with? Collapsed dollars? maybe worthless israel sheckels! they just might have a mutiny on their hands.

  4. The pres. has no more rights than you or I…so if he thinks he can use drones to kill americans.. then it goes both way…the us govn’t has lost all credibility in law. If they can do it ,you can do it…so go ahead OBscumbag kill americans with drones and we will return the favor..this man is a thug and we as free people do not have to obey all the fake laws this govn’t thinks we have to follow. Stop using the big banks, stop giving your hard earned money to the IRS, stop using credit cards, stop sending you kids to there schools that turn our kids into mindless robots and stop voting in there rigged elections, we have the power its time to start using it to take this country back….

  5. On pages 196-197 of James Douglas’ _JFK and the Unspeakable_ he discusses CIA Director Allen Dulles setting up a “Focal Point Office” with the task of feeding deep cover agents loyal to the CIA into every important military unit and bureaucracy. This began in 1955 under the leadership of Colonel L. Fletcher Prouty. By JFK’s presidency the program was so complete that JFK became keenly aware that no matter what orders he gave there were unseen forces within his own government blocking his every move towards peace. They wanted war and were not going let anyone get in their way, even if that meant assassinating both the president of the US and the president of Vietnam.

    We have every reason to believe that this system of shadow government-within-a-government still exists. In fact, given that there is evidence that Obama is a third-generation CIA asset (grandmother, mother, son) it appears that the CIA once again has direct control over the White House: no need to manipulate POTUS, just give direct orders.

    US military officers at all levels need to first figure out who these deep-cover CIA assets are in their midst and within the civilian agencies giving them orders. I would suggest they do that by asking what the international bankers would want (that’s who the CIA really works for), and what would be best for the American people (hint: they will not be the same)……. then do the right thing.

  6. Americans who truely believe that the current federal government is actively and progressively subverting and conspiring to eliminate the U.S. Constitution as the Supreme Law of the Land, need to stop posting and start preparing the rezistance community necessary to preclude and prevent the elimination of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness for all American citizens. STOP POSTING and start prepping. Talking about it ain’t working anymore. Before you know it 80% of Americans will be servants to 20% of those who stole your liberty while you were talking.

    1. Strayhorse, we can and need to do both. We lose communication, we lose focus and we lose everything. Communication is the first thing the enemy tries to take out in war. It is vital that we keep it up and continue to communicate at all costs. We need to prepare for survival, while we are communicating. Otherwise, how will we know in advance when the enemy is coming? We would be like army without ears or eyes. Think about it.

    2. Posting articles is how we educate others who are not as well-informed as some of us are, and posting comments is how we educate each other on different aspects of the articles that may not be included in them. I’ve gotten some excellent information from some of the comments here.

      So, I just HAVE to ask you, WHAT in the name of all that’s sane is the logic behind STOP POSTING???

    3. We will not stop posting or talking. This site is a part of the patriot communication network and it is only going to grow as more come to communicate to keep the lines open and alive.
      Hope this squares it away for you.

    4. I do not understand how you can say to us guy to stop posting. I learn every day form the posts here. That was just a bad choice of words there Strayhorse. You know better than to tell us to stop posting. I believe that most of us here on FTTWR are doing the best we can with the resources and finances that we have. Knowledge is power and like I said there is a heck of a lot of knowledge here on the trenches.

      1. “Knowledge is power”

        And that’s the bottom line, Digs.

        @Strayhorse, no knowledge and no information will lead to no power and all that prepping and all your guns will be just a lost cause.

        I know you’re angry and itchy to fight back, dude, but we all gotta continue to stay focused until the time is right.

    1. Millard, don’t let them take you away in handcuffs to the train car with shackles welded to the floor, headed to the FEMA camp consisting of ten ditches, a quarter mile long, 50 feet wide, 20 foot deep, surrounded by a chain link fence with concertina wire around the top.
      No, no definitely don’t let them take you away in hand cuffs. 🙂

      1. I’m watching C-Span 2 and it looks like they just got a response from the White House that they will get back to them ” in the morning ” so it looks like the filibuster might be done. What a bunch of crap. Do they think we’re a bunch of idiots out here? I guess so!

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