LA Sheriffs Cussed Out After Illegal Search In Compton

Published on Apr 27, 2014 by jeff4justice

Jeff 4 Justice… ● While out doing homeless outreach in Compton, CA, two Los Angeles County Sheriff’s officers approached my vehicle dead-on collision style. I had a smartphone cmaera and iTouch camera with me. I was unable to start the smartphone cam as it had just restarted and would not allow the cam to be used. My passenger and friend David got the iTouch camera and recorded yet was blinded out by the high beam lights from the Sheriff’s car.

Without saying anything to me, the male-driving-sheriff-thug approached my back passengers door and appeared to open it provoking me to cuss him out about not searching my vehicle without a warrant. The female-passenger-sheriff-thug commanded me to exit, searched me, took my wallet, and ordered me to place my hands behind my back and sit in the back of their vehicle. I waited in the back while they ran my license and talked to my passenger. While sitting in the back of their car, the male-driving-sheriff-thug tried to question me and I declined to answer. He then let me out yet ordered me to standby the front of the vehicle while the female-passenger-sheriff-thug wrote me a ticket.

While standing I did my best to verbally shame the male-driving-sheriff-thug. At one point he stated that me behavior was threatening to him and put his hand on his gun. I then lowered the volume of my voice and continued to verbally shame him for his immoral actions and for ordering the female-thug to write me a bogus ticket for supposedly being parked more than 18 inches away from the curb. This was absurd because as they approached me I was driving very slowly after having made a u-turn with the intent of then pulling over to stop and use my smartphone for driving directions. As they approached, I had to stop immediately to prevent head-on collision. After finishing the ticket, the thugs presented it to me, allowed me to return to my SUV, and without giving me my license back drove off.

Moments later, they returned and the female-passenger-sheriff-thug returned my driver’s license to me. By then I was able to start recording using my smartphone cam and was recording as she approached me. I then told her off for her unethical actions and cussed them out as they drove away. Afterwards, I got the $99 ticket and went to the Compton courthouse the day listed on the ticket (costing me $5 parking + fuel). The clerk informed me that the police were not there and that the date on the ticket was only to set a trial date. I was pissed! had I known that I could have dealt with it online only. I also wanted to face my accuser. I was then in-effect forced by the clerk to pay the full amount of the $99 before trial and was told I’d be refunded if the ticket was dismissed.

Although I wanted to face my accuser, I also did not want to waste more time or fuel so I defended myself by written trial of declaration. I mailed in my statement and days later got a notice informing me the ticket was dismissed and I would later get a refund in the future. Months later I got my $99 back.

According to the ticket I received, the officers identified themselves as Ramos (516587) and Briseno (459106). After this incident, I called the Sheriff’s office due to the long delay in my ticket showing up on the website. When I called, I gathered information and it is my understanding that Ramos is female and Briseno is male according to the Sheriff’s office operator I spoke to.

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Filmed: 2013 08-16

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3 thoughts on “LA Sheriffs Cussed Out After Illegal Search In Compton

  1. fine post.
    There aren’t enough people who would record, and stand up to their rights, as these two did…Fact, within the last few wks, a local single, police at night pulled over a car, alone, approached it, told a man in the back seat to get out,….the whole thing took less than a minute,,,,,and then while the man was sitting still in the back seat, not armed, no weapon found in the vehicle, shot and killed the man…..less than one minute…!!!.(stop and shot)…and I live in a small town….DAMN…
    This country is lost…..

  2. yes….seems, makes sense…
    There are those who say, don’t leave…stay and fight….not so much, physically, but in voice and action…..
    Cause for one thing, doesn’t seem to me there is a place to go…maybe, who would even want a US Citizen, especially if that person had little money….

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