2 thoughts on “Larken Rose: How The News Media Screws With Us

  1. I think there is value in monitoring the enemy signal, if you read between the lines you can see the agenda and how the sheep are being programmed.
    Until I can be sure we won’t get invaded on a military level I am not for open borders, I am all for not having to show my papers but the puppet masters are on both sides of the border and I think its foolish to not be on guard when we know this NWO system will not go down without a fight.

  2. I agree Larken. Government are parasites, not leaders as the media insists. Without flesh and blood beings moving their ‘citizens’ around according to their commands, like chess pieces on a board, they have nothing. Positive law, based on legal fictions, is farce run by a bunch of second-handers. They know it and we don’t—well some of us do.

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