Latest White House fence jumper charged with felony assault on the Secret Service dogs

CBS News – by Jake Miller

The man who jumped the White House fence on Wednesday has been charged with assault, according to Secret Service Spokesman Ed Donovan.

Dominic Adesanya, 23, climbed the north Fence of the White House at 7:16 pm on Wednesday evening. He was immediately taken into custody by Secret Service K-9 teams and uniformed division officers, Donovan said.

Adesanya was charged with two counts of felony assault on a police officer for attacking the Secret Service dogs that helped take him down. He was also charged with four counts of resisting arrest and unlawful entry, and one count of making threats.  

The suspect was released from the local hospital where he was treated and handed over to the U.S. Marshals Service due to previous outstanding warrants. A court date has not yet been set.

And you can exhale that sigh of relief — the K-9 units injured by Adesanya will be just fine. The dogs, named “Hurricane” and “Jordan,” were treated for minor bruising by a veterinarian and cleared for duty.

Adesanya was the seventh person this year to jump the White House fence this year, according to the Secret Service. The last man who jumped the fence, Omar Gonzalez, managed to make it into the White House on September 19 before he was taken down by agents.

6 thoughts on “Latest White House fence jumper charged with felony assault on the Secret Service dogs

  1. WAIT, he attacked the dogs? Was this his primary objective or to just get to the house? Were those dogs on vacation last month? Maybe they are the ones that should be charged with dereliction of duty for not stopping the first guy. They were probably around back last month smoking a Dobie instead of doing their job.

  2. Police Officer = Dog = Trained to Attack on Command without Thinking
    Treating them the same by law would make PETA proud.

  3. Lol felony assault on a dog..gimme a break

    how about all the felonious assaults on our puppies and family pets?

    huh ?
    doncha just love the dual standard?
    its their incompetence that allowed this to even take place

    these are acts of a desperate regime .. way too obvious

  4. What happens when a zillion people gather and simple push the fence over and move on the WH to stop the tyranny that the AG & Congress ignore?

  5. Hey remember, a police dog has more rights than a human being. 🙄 God help us all…..

    Next we’ll be told that hungry cats will be fed first because they have more rights than a human being.

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