Libya, Pakistan, Death, and the Flag

The propaganda coming out of the mainstream is unceasing in hyping the purported killing of Osama Bin Laden as the attempt to establish a new standard for the invasion of foreign sovereigns continues.  I think the biggest problem the propagandists are having is that the design of their propaganda for the past twenty years has been to dumb the American people down and reduce their memory span to about a week. 

If you look at it, it has taken a week of solid propaganda to keep the issue of the death of Bin Laden alive for that span of time.  If the propaganda abruptly stopped, I believe it would leave the minds of about 50% of the population within a single week. 

Those of you reading tell me honestly, have you had one thought about the killing of the three little children in Libya this week?  And remembering that that incident occurred just two days before the Bin Laden incident, tell me, how long ago does it seem? 

I believe the propagandists realize the situation they have put themselves into ,as I see a massive push to start educating our children in grade school on 9/11.  Of course over half of the people of the United States know that 9/11 was perpetrated by our own government, as directed by the international elite, for the purpose of invading the Middle East, to secure the oil there for the British and Israelis.  They want to teach the children the lie, rather than the truth, of 9/11 in order to indoctrinate them into a new generation of Kill-for-the-Flag zombies.

There was an episode on FOX Live on Sunday with a man whose two young sons had put up American flags all up and down the streets in their neighborhood as a way of saying thank you to our troops, who illegally invaded Pakistan and killed an unarmed man and his unarmed son in their home. 

I do not say Bin Laden as I believe Bin Laden’s been dead since 2001.  But I do say an unarmed man as it is very possible that they just walked in and gunned down someone else that they are now calling Bin Laden.

The praise to the two youngsters putting up the flags should be considered hypocritical as their daddy has set them up in their own small business wherein they provide and plant American flags during patriotic events like Memorial Day.  In short they used the false flag Bin Laden killing event to get a mainstream commercial for their false flag business.  Pun intended. 

Let me tell you something about lining the streets with flags.  It was very popular in Nazi Germany as they too wanted to show support for their troops that were raping, murdering, and burning their way through Europe.  I think this is something the American people just cannot see.  The citizens in Nazi Germany were just people like you and me.  And those serving in their military were their fathers, sons, brothers, uncles, and cousins.  Indeed they were their boys and they lined the streets with flags to honor them as they committed genocide throughout the land. 

And we are doing the same thing today.  Like 1930s Germany, the United States is invading countries in violation of international law.  They are murdering foreign leaders who oppose them.  They are empire building.  And I fear that, like the people of 1930s Germany, we the people of the United States are going to be brought to account for their actions. 

There were a lot of German people in Nazi Germany who opposed Hitler and the Nazi regime.  These people openly fought against what they knew to be wrong.  But in the end they were judged just as harshly as the good Nazis who participated in the international outrage.

All American people need to realize that the lies we are being fed in reference to the foreign invasions being conducted in our name are the same lies that were fed to the Germans, only in a different language.  History will judge the people of the United States.

God be merciful on those who resist the evil.

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  1. Rick, I’ve thought about those poor kids every day since it happened, and it makes me sick ! You’re right. It makes our Govt., and the rest of us indirectly, look like a bunch of fucking Nazis. Quite a coincidence that we supposedly killed bin laden, two days after those innocent children were murdered, isn’t it ? And they just call it collateral damage.

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