Fukushima News Blackout Continues

Well another week has passed and the only break in the Fukushima Power Plant news blackout in the mainstream was a short report showing a robot going into one of the contaminated reactors.  It is being reported in the alternate media that radiation levels have fallen to the point that humans will be going into the Number 1 Reactor.  As this reported reduction in radiation levels is not being explained as to how it could occur considering the exposed rods, quite frankly I do not believe it.

If you look at the refusal to report on the relevant facts associated with Fukushima, how can you believe any tidbit that asserts the positive?  We are talking about a nuclear power plant in meltdown.  In the real world we should be seeing at least daily reports in reference to the permeation of radiation in the United States.  It is absolute that to one degree or another we are being radiated more every day, from the air, to the sea, to the land, and to the bodies of every creature. 

Maybe it is like this Bin Laden photo, maybe they are not showing us because they do not want us to see.  Let’s consider the worst case scenario and that is that we are being saturated with dangerous levels of radiation.  Does anyone out there at this point realistically think they would tell us?  Personally I am outraged at the lack of information. 

The EPA will be enforcing its Clean Additive Spring Gas Program, which costs the American consumers hundreds of millions of dollars every year.  They do this, they say, to protect us from those dangerous hydrocarbons, which only seem to be relevant in the springtime leading into the travel season.

However a blanket of radiation stretching around the world and a radiated ocean stream seem to be of little concern to them.  I guess there is no money for the corporations in radiation coming from the Fukushima Power Plant.  And it has become blatantly obvious that the power that the nuclear industry wields over the media knows no bounds. 

Just take a second to think about this.  I have seen a lot of news covered up over the years.  But we are talking a six reactor nuclear facility in meltdown with exposed used rods that are not only radiating the land, but the air and sea around the world.  And tell me, what is being done to make sure radiated products from Japan are not reaching other countries for consumption? 

This has to be the biggest cover up in world history.  Why aren’t the people screaming for information?  I guess they are too busy waving their flags and shouting, “USA, USA” to worry about a little thing like their babies being born with a third arm coming out of their eye.  Jesus, people, we need to get our priorities in order here. 

We need to know the severity of the problem so we can begin coming up with viable solutions.  I don’t know about you but I want to know the truth.

0 thoughts on “Fukushima News Blackout Continues

  1. WTF? We are being poisoned. Everyperson I know is complaining of muscle soreness. Radiation is the cause? We don,t know because the f,n politicians are corrupt.

  2. I gave up on telling people what is going on. They really can’t handle it. even though it is real ! we are living out the rest of our lives in a horrible twilight zone episode.

  3. I feel exactly the same as the author of this article. This may be the biggest
    cover-up ever in the U.S. Just the explosion of the #3 reactor itself matched
    or exceeded the Chernobyl reactor event. The explosion at #3 threw fragments
    and dust of stored plutonium rods a mile or more into the sky. I also am hearing
    that the explosion came from the reactor core, not the outer containment area.
    This means hot corium from the reactor center was likely blasted all around the
    area. Chernobyl is not comparable.

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